Product Configurator

The option for the end-buyer to build/configure their own product like a car or a computer. And if the picture could change to the chosen configuration as well, so they can see the end result.
But there needs to be conditions, as some choices might not be compatible.

  • Thomas Vedel
  • Feb 13 2019
  • Reviewed
  • LynkMe commented
    2 Aug, 2022 03:07am


  • Phillip Henkel commented
    4 Apr, 2022 04:10pm

    Asap pls

  • EME commented
    8 Jan, 2022 02:18pm

    Is this goign to be an option soon? It is a great adition, very needed

  • Branislav Perdík commented
    5 Jan, 2021 07:03am

    Hello. I thing configurator is must have for many websites and it is a shame that people is asking for it from 2019 and still dont have it.

  • Crunch Creative commented
    26 Oct, 2020 06:57pm

    Yes, I second the "toppings" or "add-ons" comment from Gonsalves Media.

  • Gonsalves Media commented
    26 Oct, 2020 06:48pm

    This is an extremely important feature for restaurant e-commerce sites as there needs to be an option to add "toppings" or "add-ons" to a product.

    For example, a pizza shop would need to be able to include a list of toppings like "peppers for $1" or "extra cheese for $1.50" onto the main Pizza product.

  • Ariel Blackman commented
    4 Dec, 2019 09:42pm

    This would be so helpful for my project, Please make this real!

  • Luigi Fiorindo commented
    12 Nov, 2019 04:31pm

    Absolutly! And with options not variations, I'd like to change color, size, features etc.

  • Sergej Markwart commented
    29 Mar, 2019 07:06pm


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