Sandbox websites for Agile workflow

I would like to suggest the possibility to sandbox a website. Meaning to not just make a copy of a website but to with one click sandbox a website... as in make a copy but with all the settings like custom domains, editor accounts, form setup... and that with one click this sandboxed version can replace the current live website.

For websites that on a weekly basis get a lot of content alterations also affecting the design, to secure that nothing goes wrong and for the design director to oversee it all it is important to not do this in the live version but rather in an agile workflow.

Currently it is a lot of work to create a copy and re-adjust all its settings and then you have to put the current website offline before you can add the custom domains to the newer version and put it online again.

  • Marcel Deelen
  • Feb 15 2019
  • Reviewed