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Variable Font Upload Merged


Not sure if this has been addressed prior...but it would be awesome if I (we) could upload a custom variable font instead of multiple WOFF files.

Well... I know it's possible but when I do upload the variable file it will only let me select one weight instead of the full range for use.

  • Paul Pro
  • Feb 16 2019
  • Shipped
  • Tomasz Łuczak commented
    3 Oct, 2022 10:26am

    So Reviewed... and...?!

  • Vlad Tro commented
    27 Sep, 2022 01:44pm

    2022 already finishing and we still can't see variable fonts

  • Bryan Funk commented
    19 Jul, 2022 09:53am

    Beyond frustration that this functionality has not yet been accomidated. Add up everything else webflow is behind on that browser tech has covered for year(s) its gone from an innovative platform to a reactive one that I'm not sure can catch up at this rate. Get it together webflow!

  • Aleksander Kyhn commented
    5 Apr, 2022 11:56am

    Why isn't this supported yet!? It's 2022

  • Renaud Futterer commented
    12 Nov, 2021 11:42pm

    yes please

  • Finn Hanberg commented
    12 May, 2021 02:05pm

    We need this!

  • Craig Garner commented
    21 Oct, 2020 09:28pm

    +1 for this, variable fonts are becoming much more common across the web.

  • Nicolas duclos commented
    10 May, 2020 04:00am

    +1 for variable fonts.

  • Paul Pro commented
    12 Mar, 2019 07:51pm

    Good shout @sammimarshall was very inspiring talk.

  • Sammi Marshall commented
    20 Feb, 2019 02:29am

    See this amazing 'future of typography' talk at Adobe MAX for insight.  Great info if you're not a total font nerd - helps understand where fonts are going for use on the web...

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