Offline Payment option for Ecommerce

Some clients, especially with larger ticket items, or items that are customized post purchase (where the cost could change), would be best served by allowing them to pay offline (by check or other method). This would allow orders to be accepted and dealt with and the payment to be mailed or whatever. the admin then could check a box to say it is paid for and fulfill it when they get the payment.

Many clients do not want to pay processing fees on either side for multi-thousand dollar items, but want to sell them online (many of these are older traditional businesses who typically process payments by mail or phone and don't want their cool new website to break their internal processes).

  • Links Design
  • Feb 19 2019
  • Severin Gamper commented
    26 Mar 23:25


    The fact that this feature is missing is a absolute dealbreaker for me and my company. We're using Webflow for almost all of our projects but there is no way for us to use Webflow Ecommerce because of this. 

    Every single onlineshop we've ever built heavily relies on paying by invoice. Stripe and PayPal are just bonus options for the modern customer. And this is the norm for every onlineshop in my country and is expected by all of our clients.

    A majority of people sadly still don't have a credit card in Switzerland and the ones that do often don't trust onlineshops with their card information. Onlineshopping is done to a very high percentage via digital Invoice and online banking.

    We could maybe get away with having this just a secondary option but not having it at all will in our opinion make it almost unusable in Switzerland.

    please, dear webflow team, add this feature and I can guarantee you, you will have a lot more swiss businesses investing into your ecommerce solution.

  • Magy PZ commented
    31 Mar 20:44

    Same here!
    A lot of people don't like to provide credit card information (even if  there's a safe process like Paypal), they prefer to pay on convenience stores (in my country is the most common) or banks.
    I've seen this (and a lot of features) on Bigcommerce... and even when I love the design interface... uhhh... please webflow, listen to this! 

  • Webtech AG commented
    20 Jun 11:38

    Yep, Webflow E-Commerce is unusable for our customers in Switzerland.

    We don't know the exact shipping prices at check-out.
    People don't need to use credit-cards - sending an invoice is the norm.

    Please implement a "bill me" and "paid at the counter" option this summer (2019).
    support this culture of trusting your e-shoppers, even though you probably cannot imagine invoicing in your neck of the woods...

  • Robin Klaiss commented
    24 Jul 19:12


  • Martin Volek commented
    08 Sep 16:00

    Yes this is a MUST !

  • Ronald Edwards commented
    02 Oct 13:00

    We have built a Ecommerce website with Webflow ( for the Swiss market and have encountered exactly this issue. Not a lot of people like to purchase with credit card and we are receiving forms asking to buy with invoice. My customer is devastated and Webflow is using revenue. Please add this as soon as possible!

  • Webtech AG commented
    07 Nov 14:31

    We've switched to snipcart for all webflow based shop-projects, just for that reason, and it works. But who knows for how long?

  • Hamish Maclean commented
    12 Nov 03:10

    I am looking an something like this where if someone orders food from the menu, they would select a room service option and not pay at checkout as this is handled by the hotel.