Webflow designer-agent must have specific landing pages on Webflow's site for non English Speaking customers.

I'm thinking to became Webflow agent-designer in Europe. However If I want to drive my clients to Webflow's products offer, then I have a serious problem which is mainly language barrier. I can explain to my clients about the benefit of the ecosystem, but I can not leave them into such critical point to buy a Webflow products in unknow language.

I want to be agent-designer, not a bill accounter, I think have no time to multiply myself by three. I know that there is a Webflow system that allow to market on differents divises. Which is okay. But as I said my intemptions  are to drive clients to Webflow not to bill host them, so we need specific landing pages for agent-language.

Also we should to revised all toguether the  affiliate bonus system. That's another critical point, if I move my 200 client porfolio to Webflow, I move my clients forever*, but I only receive  one first year bonus, this is a fissure.

The importance of specific agent  language  is also related with the affiliate bonus system. Need revision, especially if I want to offer free host for those who sign-up with me for design, we need more balanced bonus system.


Thank you. and Lorem Ipsum for everybody.


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  • Feb 20 2019
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