Designer compatibility for Microsoft Edge and/or Firefox

Having more browsers opens up more opportunities for more clients. Having the designer limited to chrome and safari forces users to either download a browser they don't use/like, or choose another hosting website. I am a windows user but when I had Apple I used Firefox because it had more customizable security features than safari. I've used chrome before and did not enjoy the constant malware and fake security sweeps I kept getting. Against my better judgement, I downloaded chrome again so I could use your editor and again I got malware and fake security alerts. I deleted chrome and now use Microsoft Edge but when I need to edit my site I dig the old MacBook out of the closet and use safari. It would be great to at least make it compatible to a windows browser like edge or even a third party browser like Firefox. Please consider this.

  • Adrian Uribe
  • Feb 20 2019
  • Natasha Rivers commented
    May 14, 2019 08:45

    Yes, absolutely, our home now uses Microsoft due to security flaws in Chrome and Apple Mac devices, including Safari. better yet make Webflow available offline as an App, or Progressive Web App. I am sure you could elicit serious support and even funding for this from Microsoft or other sources for funding Digital platform expansion into the MS platform