Next/Previous Post Links (NOT for the dynamic list, for the actual post pages/templates)

So I apologize if this already mentioned but I couldn't find it anywhere, only the wishlist item that is shipped regarding the pagination of the lists. When that shipped, I really thought you'd also be able to navigate from one post to the next (or previous). I know there are workarounds for this, but the ones that can be done in Webflow (no additional code) aren't suitable for blogs with more than 10-20 posts. It seems like it would have gone hand in hand with the pagination of the lists. Can we pretty please with sugar on top get this? 

  • Jen Armstrong
  • Feb 21 2019
  • Freeflo Designs commented
    2 Jun 12:31pm

    We really need this essential feature added!

  • Matt Brodersen commented
    2 May 03:22am

    Migrating my company's blog from WP to Webflow. This is such a basic feature... I thought it already existed. I want the ability to show the next post at the bottom of each post page. Damn.

  • Suka Nobi commented
    17 Feb 04:51am

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  • Vincent Redor commented
    9 Feb 03:41am

    This should already be there natively in Webflow.

  • Nicolas Hoban commented
    26 Jan 01:00am



    Also surprised this isn't native. Currently working on an ecommerce site for a photographer that needs the ability to next/previous through his product collection (prints). I can see this being a huge requirement for anyone in this field of work that wants a seamless user experience.

  • Dan Chen commented
    12 Jan 07:30pm

    This is a huge feature for me. Many of my clients have blogs/portfolios and this is a major plus for them.

  • Ryan Leichty commented
    7 Jan 06:21pm

    I’m a bit surprised this function wasn’t included from the get-go.

  • Tyler Beaty commented
    7 Nov, 2019 09:56pm


  • Pablo Montero commented
    16 May, 2019 03:40pm


  • Paul Irwin commented
    24 Mar, 2019 02:43pm

    Yip this!!

    If you have a collection list item (blog post) it would be great to generate a link below for the next post (eg by order)?

    I have seen a couple of pro-hacks but was wondering if there's a more straight forward way to achieve this with using additional script. It would seem to be quite a common user workflow when navigating through blog posts/portfolio items.

  • Jen Armstrong commented
    21 Feb, 2019 07:13am

    Sidenote, I can't vote for my own idea because I am unable to remove my votes from items that have already shipped. I've had this issue for a long time (6 months to a year). When I click on the vote, the dropdown is empty. Just FYI. 

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