Next/Previous Post Links (NOT for the dynamic list, for the actual post pages/templates)

So I apologize if this already mentioned but I couldn't find it anywhere, only the wishlist item that is shipped regarding the pagination of the lists. When that shipped, I really thought you'd also be able to navigate from one post to the next (or previous). I know there are workarounds for this, but the ones that can be done in Webflow (no additional code) aren't suitable for blogs with more than 10-20 posts. It seems like it would have gone hand in hand with the pagination of the lists. Can we pretty please with sugar on top get this?

Admin Note:
A current workaround requires the use of two additional fields in a collection, either a reference field or a link field where the next/previous posts can be connected accordingly.

  • Jen Armstrong
  • Feb 21 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Tsuri Bar Yehuda commented
    1 Apr 07:31pm

    This is very elementary for my art portfolio. I have a dynamic list and when the user clicks an artwork she reaches that artwork's dynamic page, but often in those situations users want to just keep going forward and backwards to watch more woorks instead of going back. It is an extremely common usecase and a total must-have.

  • Mandy Hopp commented
    28 Dec, 2023 05:03pm

    How is this not already a thing? Every single time I think "oh, easy - Webflow should be able to do that this is so simple" - I find out it involves 8 million steps and custom code 🤪

  • Joséphine ADJAGBENON commented
    4 Sep, 2023 01:01pm

    A little disappointed because, you asked for it since 2019.. I dont understand why it's not included. It's an essential feature indeed.

  • Burak Özdelice commented
    18 Sep, 2021 07:27am

    People has been bagging for this for years omg....I just got here and I spend tons of time for a tiny needs by now...

    (after this one I will update 6 product images for 21 products one by one...)

  • Burak Özdelice commented
    18 Sep, 2021 07:25am

    After 2 years we can't pagination among our posts/product?

    I've spent 3 hour for tihs. for 3 hours I've became a kind of developer that don't know nothing what he is doing. and result is a mess.

    Could anyone from webflow can answer for this need please? or could anyone there in webflow at least can show us a clear and consistent way that guied us to achieve pagination among our products?

    there are solutions that pulls scripts from outside. we can't see script and can't edit it also. there are other scripts can be embeedded but can't be understandable by a low level user like me.

    COULD YOU please add a component that let user to call next produc or previous one. I can't believe this. This is a must have tool even every low level or low cost website has to have. Why we have to spend our times to find a strange and complex solutions.

  • Antoine Legendre commented
    1 Jun, 2021 08:37am


  • Jenny Bounmivilay commented
    3 Dec, 2020 10:59pm

    +3 all the way. It's been an absolute pain connecting my blogs and that's with only 3 entries up at the moment T_T

  • Ben Drechsel commented
    29 Aug, 2020 02:50am

    Can't we at least get a "Pro hack" that we could append to a custom link, like .../?item=next or something?

  • Freeflo Studios commented
    2 Jun, 2020 12:31pm

    We really need this essential feature added!

  • Matt Brodersen commented
    2 May, 2020 03:22am

    Migrating my company's blog from WP to Webflow. This is such a basic feature... I thought it already existed. I want the ability to show the next post at the bottom of each post page. Damn.

  • Suka Nobi commented
    17 Feb, 2020 04:51am

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  • Vincent Redor commented
    9 Feb, 2020 03:41am

    This should already be there natively in Webflow.

  • Nicolas Hoban commented
    26 Jan, 2020 01:00am



    Also surprised this isn't native. Currently working on an ecommerce site for a photographer that needs the ability to next/previous through his product collection (prints). I can see this being a huge requirement for anyone in this field of work that wants a seamless user experience.

  • Dan Chen commented
    12 Jan, 2020 07:30pm

    This is a huge feature for me. Many of my clients have blogs/portfolios and this is a major plus for them.

  • Ryan Leichty commented
    7 Jan, 2020 06:21pm

    I’m a bit surprised this function wasn’t included from the get-go.

  • Tyler Beaty commented
    7 Nov, 2019 09:56pm


  • Pablo Montero commented
    16 May, 2019 03:40pm


  • Paul Irwin commented
    24 Mar, 2019 02:43pm

    Yip this!!

    If you have a collection list item (blog post) it would be great to generate a link below for the next post (eg by order)?

    I have seen a couple of pro-hacks but was wondering if there's a more straight forward way to achieve this with using additional script. It would seem to be quite a common user workflow when navigating through blog posts/portfolio items.

  • Jen Armstrong commented
    21 Feb, 2019 07:13am

    Sidenote, I can't vote for my own idea because I am unable to remove my votes from items that have already shipped. I've had this issue for a long time (6 months to a year). When I click on the vote, the dropdown is empty. Just FYI. 

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