[G] Style manager for use 🐱‍🏍

The [G] Style manger tab is under use? 🎁

It would make sense that you could do more at Style manager than remove extra's or rename class. Few thoughts....


1. Would be handy when you need to copy same style in multiple elements

Action like > Drag and drop selected class directly into canvas element


2. Would handy when editing someone else's site built or team site.

Action like > Click to highlight all the elements in canvas which uses selected class

Action like > Filtering to show only class which are in use current page


3. Would be handy when you like to edit 'All classes' quickly (or premade theme / team site)

Action like > Click to get directly into class Style [S]



  • Sid Kumpurinne
  • Feb 21 2019
  • and 2 more