Staging sites on custom domain

We want the option to stage and dev on custom domain (white label if you like) for sites. 

So instead of we could have

We only need one domain so it would be,, and so on. 

  • Dan Andersen
  • Jan 20 2017
  • Markus J. commented
    January 25, 2017 13:16

    Absolutely – just found out in the forum that this isn't possible – even if one pays for a plan that alledgetly allows for whitelablling. Having to show a client a dev site under a webflow domain is not what I'd call whitelabelling!

  • Dmitry Ra commented
    February 04, 2017 06:50

    Must have, thanks for that!

  • David Nayavich commented
    February 04, 2017 12:05

    +1 on this feature.  So important to be able to have our agency URL for staging!  Please implement this feature with premium hosting plans.

  • Andrew Leyland commented
    March 23, 2017 23:48

    A must for white labeling the platform! Clients/prospects sometimes connect the dots and ask why they would host the site with us rather than their own webflow account. 

  • Mark Lee commented
    April 17, 2017 02:49

    I *just* signed up for the Pro plan with this expectation based on the "remove webflow branding from staging sites" portion of the White Labeling section. I guess the big "" portion of the URL isn't part of that.

    What's the point of white labeling anything at all if the LINK itself I send out has "webflow" in it?

  • Aleks Bahdanovich commented
    June 11, 2017 00:54

    Agreed with what everyone else has said. Staging on a custom subdomain is an absolute must – especially for freelance/agency use. 

    Please consider adding this feature

  • Jordain Johnson commented
    June 12, 2017 17:57

    Agreed, we really need this!

  • Nick Dubé commented
    July 20, 2017 04:39

    Definitely need this one!  Prior to the hosting price increase, we were paying $5/month during design phase to use our custom agency domain.  With increased hosting fee this is no longer feasible.

    Would be great to have this feature included with team plans, perhaps with some caveats about the domain, eg. it must include .dev, .design, .preview or a similar list.

    We had a wildcard DNS record set up which pointed * to Webflow servers so we could quickly add custom domains when providing preview links to clients.

  • Think Tickets commented
    March 03, 2018 11:53

    Any updates to this?

  • FORM WA commented
    April 03, 2018 02:55

    +1 Definitely need this in place. 

  • Benji Speer commented
    June 04, 2018 15:10

    I currently use a hosted webflow site as a landing page hosted on a subdomain to my ecommerce site.

    Because of this I see the problem with allowing white-labeled URL staged sites, because I'd instantly have a free landing page builder if that were the case.

    I also see the value of brand consistency for agencies when previewing sites to clients.

    I think the simple solution is to require white labeled URL staged sites to be password protected and/or limit traffic to X users per month.

    I think this would eliminate the "abusability" of an unrestricted white-labled staging URL while also providing the desired product to agencies and freelancers.

  • Andrew Nelsen commented
    June 06, 2018 22:17

    You can definitely do this if your site has Webflow Hosting - 


  • Bart Denteneer commented
    October 25, 2018 09:39


    Markus J.: "even if one pays for a plan that alledgetly allows for whitelablling" -> Exactly this. 

  • Martin Volek commented
    November 01, 2018 12:15

    Guys, if you want to stage on subdomain, just create it at your Domain provider and transfer subdomain to webflow with a CNAME record. Works like a charm!

  • Jake Ku commented
    27 Mar 07:01

    Still can't believe webflow doesn't offer this but I guess they are holding out because you have to pay more money for a hosting plan if you want to show a preview without advertising them. Pretty slimy...