Order Notes Field/Custom Fields On Checkout

Would be great to have an order notes field on the checkout page and the ability to add custom fields to the checkout page to ask for more information from customers.

  • Austin Thesing
  • Feb 22 2019
  • Shipped
  • Oct 10, 2019

    Admin Response

    Good news. :) You now have the ability to capture more information from your ecommerce customers as they check out. Using a new Additional Info element in your Add panel, you can pick and choose from three field types: a text field, a text area and a check box. Learn more about our new feature.

  • Caleosol Freeheat commented
    01 Mar 14:55

    Can't add more votes.. But yes it would be fine to get phone number and things like that.

    It is currently palinfull to send an email to the Customer to ask for the phone number to be abel to send goods 

  • Casimir krupinsky commented
    18 Mar 22:37

    Uhhh is there a work around for this? I absolutely need this. My whole site is useless if I can’t add a note in checkout. Need to add customers wedding date. Super important. Please help! 

  • Brian Good commented
    05 Apr 19:50

    Huge priority for me.  Need the ability to capture a phone number along with other information form the client prior to finalizing an order.  Really surprised this isn't an option at this point.  Seems like it would prevent a lot of people from being able to move forward with webflow ecommerce.

  • Scott Johnson commented
    08 May 15:00

    Unbelievable that this feature is not included in a shopping cart.  After migrating over to webflow and building my site I now find out that everything I have just done is useless because this simple feature is not available.  

  • John Atkinson commented
    11 May 17:16

    An absolute necessity if you are planning to sell anything of value online. My orders are worth £1000's. The customer would undoubtedly expect to be contacted to ensure the smooth progression of order and liaison over delivery. I suspect this would introduce friction to the checkout process and possibly deter a customer from completing the order.

  • Nicholas Toth commented
    28 May 18:02

    This is a huge feature. Customer phone number is a requirement for shipping. It's like the cart is broken without it.

  • Julian Alexander commented
    09 Jul 05:47

    +3. Stunned this wasn't included by default. Just a basic field to add a phone number or even a order comment or something simple would be incredibly helpful as a first step.

  • Vincent Wautier commented
    19 Jul 14:39

    For my project I need to ask to customers a date & time, they birthday. So, I can't build on webflow if it's not possible to add this on the product page...

  • Adv Ydv commented
    20 Jul 07:01

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  • Matthew Schroepfer commented
    25 Jul 23:14

    Being able to get a customer's phone number is a must-have immediately! Being able to add custom notes is a close second.

  • Jia Min Chew commented
    30 Jul 05:38

    it is extremely troublesome for both the customer and i! just curious why this wasn't part of the first roll out.. extremely tempted to switch if this doesn't happen soon as customer experience does take a hit

  • Nalen Ayurveda commented
    30 Jul 16:33

    In Europe, sending any package requires a phone number, this is an absolute must! 

  • Tonino Lopez commented
    04 Aug 14:14

    We cant call it a checkout without phone number field.. :(

    6 months has passed...

  • Jeremiah Shaw commented
    18 Aug 01:23

    I don't understand how you could have an ecommerce platform without the ability to add custom fields...

  • Matthew Paczkowski commented
    21 Aug 23:29

    really need to be able to add a phone number so we can contact the customer for order updates

  • Carolin Boström commented
    24 Aug 11:32

    I need this on the actual product page as well. So that customers can add text to the order. for example if i would sell custom printed t-shirts then I need an input field for the customers to fill out what they want the print to say.

  • Romulus Ignat commented
    30 Aug 02:11

    We need this ASAP. Please

  • Matthew Paczkowski commented
    31 Aug 13:11

    I cannot wait for this functionality to be added. It's a must!

  • Martina Drabkova commented
    02 Sep 18:43

    The ability to add fields - asking for phone number would be a 100% improvement. 

    Also a “nice to have” would be to be able to do the opposite - remove some fields. (state/province or coutry selector is not neccessary if you are not a US based company and is confusing in the checkout)

  • Neil Newnham commented
    07 Oct 11:29

    This is now preventing me using webflow e-commerce. That's disappointing.

  • Marius Seack commented
    10 Nov 19:57

    This has to be included. Webflow ecommerce would be the best ecommerce plattform out there!