Ecommerce api & zapier improvements

We require the capability to build flexible integrations with other apps and such need a more comprehensive api. We also need zapier zaps that enable use of zapier most advanced actions.

As it stands webflow ecommerce can not be readily / properly integrated with POS, shipping, accounting, review and other platforms.

Some examples of current limitations which apply to both zapier and direct use of api:

- No SKU is generated in the "purchased items" child array of orders requests made by the api or in zapier.

- So we can't create integrations when new products / SKU inventory are created.

- we can't create ecommerce products via zapier. Or it is not documented. I try to use the create item  action but it creates a record that crashes webflow designer. Obviously a product and sku record need to be created in the same zap ... how now brown cow?

- We need line item support such as this  About line tiems


Please comment if the functions do exist or of any straight forward work arounds! Thanks

  • Hamish Maclean
  • Feb 27 2019
  • Hamish Maclean commented
    29 May 07:51

    Great idea . 😆

  • Joe Mallory-skinner commented
    10 Jun 13:48

    Yes! I've been having this exact problem. The API docs are slightly misleading here unfortunately

  • Diego Kolsky commented
    14 Aug 02:07

    Zapier feeds are improperly set up (eg all addresses are a long continuous string of information) requiring translation. Would be simple to improve.

    Also, both Zapier feed and order CSV export lack important shipping and product info (addressee, product SKU, product weight and dimension specs)