Transfer Sites with Active Site Plans

If a website has an active Site Plan or Ecommerce Plan, the plan needs to be canceled and repurchased for transfer. This applies to transfers between individual accounts and transfers from an individual's dashboard to their team.

This results in momentary downtime, additional billing complexity, and additional effort on the designer and their team.

  • Andrew Nelsen
  • Mar 1 2019
  • Azai Studios commented
    02 Mar 19:43

    I was just dealing with this issue!!! 

    I have a personal pro account, with a bunch of sites linked with client billing. wanted to start a team account and transfer all those. I dont want to reach out to every client and ask them to re=enter everything

  • Bryan Garrant commented
    05 Mar 23:40

    For some reason I can’t vote but please add this!!

  • Marcel Deelen commented
    06 Mar 13:57

    I totally agree and would like this to also be easier for working in an agile workflow where weekly updates done in a sandboxed version need to go online and replace the live version of a website.