Please add customers email address and phone number in ecommerce mails


For now we can't get a phone number from Customer and we can't get email address neither phone Numbers in ecommerce mails

It is generally mandatory to have phone number to check physical person against credit card

  • Caleosol Freeheat
  • Mar 1 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Emanuel Yoder commented
    5 Jun 02:33pm

    I desperately need this feature to be able to quickly and conveniently see the customer's contact info to arrange order pickup schedule.

  • LaLaLaundry commented
    1 Apr 04:10pm

    I really need this feature. The customer email should be showed up in ecommerce 'order received' email. The email address is the most important information, and I don't know why this is not showing up.. This should be added ASAP in Webflow.

  • Irina Pistsov commented
    17 May, 2021 07:53pm

    Was there any updates to that? The phone number is still not included in the order details email

  • Cassie Bone commented
    9 Apr, 2021 04:37am

    Not only can we not customise the email body of customers notifications, but without having the customers email address in the body of the email that we receive, we can't even set up Zaps to arrange an email to be sent to the client with the information that we should be able to add into the Webflow email.

    There's little point in Webflow offering an ecommerce functionality if you can't support such basic functions as customising notifications.

  • Adam Johannes commented
    11 May, 2020 01:11pm

    This is really urgent for me as I need to forward the order onto the fulfilment people who don't want to login and search around webflow for it, they need the information from me. I cannot do it easily as I have to log into the editor, then go back and amend the order email... This is hard on desktop, but ideally I'd want to do it on my phone, but that's even harder...

  • Dennis Winter commented
    5 Jun, 2019 09:03am

    Yea, this is quite a hassle. My customer cant work off the emails he receives, since the emails address is only viewable when logged in viewing the orders.

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