UI CSS Kit Wizard When Clicking on New Project Blank/Scratch Template

UI Kit wizard should ask the following questions (each optional):

Branding (Assets, Header Branding Object, Footer Branding Object):
1. Please Upload your logo(s)/and main Favicon. (1:1 version, 1:2 version, 1:4 version)
2. What is your website theme? (light background with dark text or dark background with light text)
3. What is your Primary Color? (RGB/HEX) > +3 Global Color Presets Color (Dark, Medium, Light)
4. What is your Secondary Color? (optional) -> +3 Global Color Presets (Dark, Medium, Light)

Typography (Headers, Paragraphs, Text, Labels):
1. What style do you want your headers? (serif, sans-serif, sans)
2. What style do you want your paragraph texts? (serif, sans-serif, sans)
3. Are your headers weighed by PX, EM, VW, or REM 

1. What is your default text font font size? (14px default)
2. What is your default Container width? (980px default, 80%, 80vw)

1. Edges: Hard Edge (no border radius), Medium Edge, Soft Edge, Pill Edge
2. Borders: Thick, Transparent

1. Edges

1. What is your Facebook Page?
2. What is your Twitter Page?
3. What is your LinkedIn Page?

Blog: (are you making a blog page)
1. Blog Grid Layout Options

Preset Pages:

1. Styles and Classes Cheat Sheet
2. Components Cheat Sheet 



  • Miek Thompson
  • Mar 6 2019
  • Reviewed