Post Purchase 1 click Upsells

As a digital marketer, I know that being able to increase the Average Order Value is essential to growing any online business. Create a post purchase experience where the customer can purchase other products (usually as an offer) with only 1 click. Similar to clickfunnels or zipify 1 click upsells.

  • Jose Lopez
  • Mar 10 2019
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  • Mathieu Weizman commented
    8 Feb, 2023 10:12am


  • David Indlekofer commented
    27 Jan, 2022 05:04pm

    That would be amazing!

  • Kārlis Prauliņš commented
    20 Aug, 2020 09:11am

    Yes please, huge potential value for your users, for example, we sell posters, and we could make serious bank on upsells like frames and magnets and stuff.

  • Andrew Bass commented
    17 Aug, 2020 09:10pm

    Hey everyone! I'm building a plugin that allows your Webflow e-commerce sites to have post purchase one-click upsells. You can see a demo and apply for early access at

  • Brady Haynes commented
    17 Aug, 2020 06:18pm

    This is necessary. Weblfow crew, you gotta make this happen! Thank you for the work, but really, its 2020 and this is no longer a "nice to have". It will be so much easier when I'm convincing clients to use Webflow rather than another provider.

  • Cyan Cooper commented
    1 Jul, 2020 06:43am

    Please make this happen, we don't want to go to something like ClickFunnels for marketing funnels after making our clients beautiful websites in Webflow. It would be embarrassing.

  • Jelani commented
    13 Jun, 2020 10:13pm

    I figured out that you can use zapier and some third party tools to accomplish one click upsells, but thats too complicated. So I'm going to build a solution that allows you to have one click upsells on webflow! It will really take Webflow to the next level. If you're interested you can join the betalist:

  • Christopher Elamri commented
    2 Jun, 2020 11:47pm

    Would be huge for me if they add these features.

    Would use webflow for all my sales funnels.

  • Danny Guerin commented
    24 May, 2020 02:49pm

    Upsells would be awesome!... and very much needed.

  • Jelani commented
    12 Apr, 2020 01:24am

    If there is a way for this to be done that would be awesome!

  • Vishal Agarwala commented
    14 Mar, 2020 10:55pm

    This would be incredible!

  • Mac Macgibbon commented
    11 Feb, 2020 09:18am

    This is a must-have feature, Webflow could take over the majority of the sales funnel game with a few small features like upsells/downsells

  • Joshua Magee commented
    27 Jun, 2019 02:55pm

    This is a much-needed feature for any ecommerce store.  In the interim, is anyone familiar with any workarounds that are native to Webflow?

  • Dan Gayle commented
    6 Jun, 2019 09:26am

    This would be a very useful and powerful feature for users and one that I would most certainly use A LOT. I can see Webflow taking market share away from lead pages and Clickfunnels etc if this feature is made available.

  • Renat Gabitov commented
    8 May, 2019 09:44am

    A very needed feature! 

  • Jarod Steffes commented
    13 Mar, 2019 05:07pm

    Was JUST gonna post about this as well! If webflow added in UPSELLS and DOWNSELLS, I would completely move all my business and clients into webflow. 

    But now, I still have to use ClickFunnels for certain offers. Which adds more costs on to my business.

    So if webflow could add in Upsells and downsells, It would be a complete powerhouse.

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