Billing analytics and Client Billing Management Tools


Three viable suggestions:


- Get a "Connect to Stripe" button. So I can connect my current Stripe to Webflow, this way I can use a Stripe analytics app to give me billing analytics.

- Have decent recurring billing analytics, you guys could implement this for the "Team/Designer" categories. Where they could view at a glance "active" billing, have dunning support, client login, etc etc. Doing this I wouldn't have to use an application like chargebee/zoho subscriptions. 


You guys can finally release the plugin marketplace and I'll create the plugin for you, just give read/write access to your website plan status where we could turn a subscription on/off from a third-party app. So if a client is late in his payment, I wouldn't be billed. 

  • Mikhail Arden
  • Jan 20 2017
  • Genovesi Web Design and Marketing commented
    19 Jul, 2017 02:37pm

    We need more detailed/itemized invoices. Right now I can't tell exactly what site I'm receiving an invoice for.

  • David Egerton commented
    21 Jan, 2017 11:52am

    Also, add ability to offer clients annual discounted billing. Currently in team, you can only offer monthly client billing unless you but them on own billing account.

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