Send emails to users with abandoned carts

I would like to be able to send emails to the customers that almost placed an order

but finally abandoned the cart and left the page. This would be great for increasing conversion rates!


Speking of emails - plural - so the best would be to define a mailing chain with

scheduled times. Like send first mail after 2 hours the cart got abandoned, send the second mail

after 1 day, send last mail with discount code after 3 days.

  • Nikola Kalakovic
  • Mar 15 2019
  • Reviewed
  • 49 Lines commented
    20 Jan, 2022 02:23pm

    Ye this really needs to be a thing. Webflow needs to create the same field matching function with e-commerce items as they have with CMS items and also add in abandoned cart email functionality and THEN they will be a competitor to Shopify. Also, these should be really easy fixes! Come on Webflow, I know you can do it!

  • Stuart Brent commented
    22 Dec, 2020 10:03pm

    Monto offers Abandoned Cart Recovery, made specifically for Webflow shops!!!

    The app takes two minutes to set up and is completely free for your first 3 recoveries. Please reach out and I'm happy to give you a few more for free and an extended free trial.

  • Joe Tancula commented
    19 Oct, 2020 11:23pm

    I found a pretty decent workaround -

    Integrate into your ecom site with a JS snippet, and use their visual tagger to identify an event (such as adding to cart). Then integrate your ESP ( is my personal favorite) with segment and create an automation that sends out the cart abandonment email.

  • Smith Evans commented
    30 Sep, 2020 03:33am

    I have a client asking about abandoned cart recovery just 10 minutes ago. We really need this feature in Webflow.

  • Mack McConnell commented
    3 Sep, 2020 04:35pm is about to release an Abandoned Cart Recovery app, built for Webflow Ecommerce and much less expensive than existing alternatives. Shoot me a message if you'd like to be a part of our Free Beta starting next week!

    I'll circle back when it's generally available if anyone's interested

    Disclaimer: I'm a cofounder

  • Josh Graef commented
    28 May, 2020 12:31am

    Agreed. These are the deal-breakers for using Webflow for e-commerce.

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