Support for 3D Models (USDZ files)

With iOS 12 now supporting USDZ Files directly in the browser, even previewing 3D Models in AR on a users iPhone, it would be great to have a USDZ Element, which you could simply drag and drop onto the canvas instead of working with a code embed. Additionally it would be super slick to be able to upload USDZ files directly in Webflow.

The main problem right now is that if you currently want to embed 3D Models, you have to host the USDZ file somewhere on the internet and link to it with an "embed" or a "link block"

Example of 3D Elements Galerie: AR Quick Look Gallery 

  • Kevin Löffler
  • Mar 24 2019
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    20 Dec, 2023 01:12pm

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    19 Jan, 2022 08:57am


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