Better Displaying Of Video Content e.g. Lightbox videos linked to CMS, Poster images, Ability to skin controls

hi there,

Coming from Adobe Muse, we have a number of amazing video carousels widgets that third party developers created. This included things like being able to apply poster images, skin controls and so forth. The video tools in Webflow are just way too basic and lacklustre to be honest - this is one area that needs focus  - There might be times where you want to for example wish to disable video controls until a video is selected for playback as your poster image on Vimeo might have text at the bottom etc. Yes I know that Vimeo poster images work in Webflow however these are compressed in ways where the clarity goes out of the window hence the need for customised video posters. When you have a collection of 300 Vimeo videos in a website - you looking for better ways to manage such content than a basic video player.



  • Jayesh parmar
  • Mar 24 2019
  • Reviewed