Ability to undo or discard changes for CMS editors

Clients often make mistakes when editing their website and the fact that they have to go back and completely redo what was there before seems unnecessary. I'm surprised this wasn't already on the wish list.

  • Jen Armstrong
  • Jan 21 2017
CMS / Editor
  • Mandy Hopp commented
    20 Sep 05:00pm

    Any ETA on this? It's mind-boggling that this basic feature has been missing for this long.

  • Noah Mitchell commented
    22 Aug 01:01pm

    This oversight does make the editor a lot more intimidating to my clients than it ought to be.

  • Andrea Chan commented
    16 Aug 03:06pm

    This is SUPER frustrating. Horrible user experience for CMS editors.

  • Alex Dixon commented
    7 Aug 01:13pm

    Clients request this feature a lot, probably because it features in other CMS's they've moved from.

    Even the ability to discard all changes would be helpful.

  • Gabriele Fronzé commented
    6 Jul 09:56am

    Also, my collaborators must have the possibility to suggest accepting their changes even if they have not the possibility to directly publish.
    Or I should have (as site admin) the possibility to see a list of suggestions and decide wether to apply them or not.

  • Colin Martin commented
    28 Jun 11:07am

    A client makes 5 small changes then realises the first was not a good idea. He has a list of the 5 small changes waiting to be published and he can't undo the first change or even better delete or cancel that change. He then he gets nervous and decides he does not want to change anything but he's stuffed. The changes are all there ready to be published. Even if he logs out and back in again, they're still there! How can he delete the changes from the publish list?

    Maybe I'm missing something simple but I don't know what to say to him. Surely this is a must have feature !!

  • Noah Mitchell commented
    22 Jun 12:53pm

    Clients currently have to get in touch with me to manually revert changes. This is making one of them second guess going with Webflow 🫤

  • Kevin Larsen commented
    31 May 08:25am

    The editor system should be better arranged for users and regular user errors.

  • Studio 34 - Accounts commented
    16 May 01:35pm

    Absolutely shocking not to have this function. Genuinely appalling...

  • Cyrille Berne commented
    16 May 12:17pm

    I was rather annoyed when I discovered this issue, as the ease of editing is one of my key selling points. Now I can't tell Webflow is the perfect solution...

  • Ross Forbes commented
    5 May 01:20pm

    Absolutely mental that this basic feature of "undo" still isn't on Webflow after 6 years of asking for it.

    No good explanation from my hours of research, just excuses like "all CMS' are like this". No they're not. My client feels duped, as do I.

  • Raivis Sietnieks commented
    12 Apr 01:53am

    What is wrong with the devs? This is awful! Why is this still a problem in 2023?!? What do I do with this unpublished change I do not want! I even manually changed it back and it still persists! Awful. Help!

  • Jon Burdon commented
    9 Feb 05:11pm

    why has this never been implemented? I was surprised today when training a client and they asked for this basic feature.

  • Adrien Lafond commented
    27 Jan 01:45pm

    2023 and incredible Webflow still doesnt support..." Undo" 😂

  • Emily Miles commented
    7 Nov, 2022 07:37pm

    Wild to me that this doesn't exist yet! My clients are confused and so am I. As far as I'm concerned, the editor is useless without this feature. I also feel like Webflow should be more transparent about this in editor guides; there should be a legitimate warning!

  • Carl Labanz commented
    8 Oct, 2022 06:28pm

    This is such basic functionality that I didn't even look for it until I was showing someone the editor and made a mistake. "Okay, we can just undo that..." oh! but little did I know.

    I was super embarrassed.

  • Andi Odermatt commented
    22 Sep, 2022 11:03am

    It's 2022 so it's been about 5 years, and this feature still isn't available.
    I just don't understand this.
    I need to move Clients over from Webflow to WordPress just because of this feature alone and I really do not want to do so. It's a downside to using Webflow if you create a Website for clients, this should be a no-brainer.

    Can someone explain why Webflow might not want to address this or even answer us? Am I missing something? Maybe it's technologically not possible?

  • Mandy Hopp commented
    29 Aug, 2022 09:00pm

    ... very confused by this lack of a feature and so are my clients.

  • Crystal Lewis commented
    15 Aug, 2022 01:14pm


  • Jack Randall commented
    7 Aug, 2022 04:45pm

    I agree with Josh below, I had a client asking about this today. It does look Webflow look unprofessional.

    They can remove an image by accident, not have the old one on their computer and now they're stuck without image and can't publish changes until I can fix it for them on my end.

    Editor would greatly benefit from undo/redo button.

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