Ability to undo or discard changes for CMS editors

Clients often make mistakes when editing their website and the fact that they have to go back and completely redo what was there before seems unnecessary. I'm surprised this wasn't already on the wish list.

  • Jen Armstrong
  • Jan 21 2017
Editor / CMS
  • Labs Tech & Design AS commented
    23 Oct, 2020 09:34am

    Pretty please!

  • Sean Knight commented
    3 Oct, 2020 04:31am


  • Ben Wells commented
    15 Sep, 2020 05:37pm

    Guys. Please. I am super impressed with Web Flow, been doing sites since 1999 and now exclusively use WF... but it seems the acronym is missing a "T" in the middle due to the absence of this much needed feature.

  • Myke Woollett commented
    7 Sep, 2020 09:36am

    Adding my vote to this feature request - yes please Webflow

  • Maxime Dubé commented
    21 Aug, 2020 10:12pm

    Please add this!! All my clients really need this basic feature.

  • Astound Lab commented
    18 Aug, 2020 02:16pm

    +1, just walked a client through the CMS editor, they deleted a block and couldn't bring it back - big NONO

  • Simon Jelks commented
    11 May, 2020 02:40pm

    Have clients asking for this.

  • Lukas Thut commented
    28 Apr, 2020 01:57pm

    thats essential for our customer. please implement right away! Thanks

  • Joe Russell commented
    4 Mar, 2020 12:20pm

    This should be right up top of the feature roadmap.

  • Brandon Smith commented
    20 Feb, 2020 11:43pm

    My first editor on our website bumped into this issue within the first few minutes of using it. Please add!

  • William Valvo commented
    13 Feb, 2020 03:59pm

    Insane that this is not available — at the very least there must be a 'discard changes' option to revert back to live site and let them start fresh. 

  • Matt Neve commented
    23 Jan, 2020 01:45pm

    The editor is extremely basic - is there any plans on an update. This can really put clients off.

  • Sean O'Donald commented
    15 Jan, 2020 10:34pm

    I've found this thread while looking for the undo function, i can't understand how this is not supported - such a basic need?

  • DAN Logins commented
    7 Jan, 2020 12:05am

    The year is 2020 and Webflow has yet to respond to this request... we need a cancel or undo button for CMS Editors. It makes zero sense to not have this very basic capability.

  • Karim Roumani commented
    3 Dec, 2019 07:57pm

    This is very basic CMS feature for any MVP CMS. 

  • Brandon Sobotka commented
    13 Nov, 2019 12:18am

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

  • Weston Cox commented
    10 Nov, 2019 01:07am

    As amazing and robust as Webflow is, I honestly cannot believe that THIS is going to be the thing that makes me not use Webflow for my agency's client sites. I don't care about whether this should have been done at launch or later - it definitely should have been done by now. Unreal. 

  • Demian Vogler commented
    30 Oct, 2019 02:23pm

    HEY! This thread started 2017! is there no solution?????????

  • Matt Neve commented
    30 Oct, 2019 01:55pm

    Really need this! Has the webflow team come back with any response? Even a version history and click to go back to that stage.

  • Morten Ravnbo commented
    14 Oct, 2019 11:28am

    BASIC text editing must have the ability to undo...! Almost unbelievable that this is not the case. :-o

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