Ability to undo or discard changes for CMS editors

Clients often make mistakes when editing their website and the fact that they have to go back and completely redo what was there before seems unnecessary. I'm surprised this wasn't already on the wish list.

  • Jen Armstrong
  • Jan 21 2017
Editor / CMS
  • Alexandra MacIsaac commented
    28 Apr 04:51pm

    Until this feature is implemented, I cannot recommend Webflow to my clients. I am considering leaving altogether.

  • Clark AG commented
    30 Mar 08:48pm

    This is a feature that should have been added BEFORE Webflow was ever made available for purchase. Not a nice-to-have but a must-have-to-function, as many other users have commented.

  • Monica Sigüenza commented
    21 Mar 05:33pm

    An absolute NEEEEED, not a want

  • Iskandar Bwefar commented
    18 Feb 08:12am

    I never really had to use the editor until recently, but it's completely unworkable without a waay to simply undo changes. Someone should be able to remove changes from the "Changes to be published" list. And there should absolutely be a way to simply clear all unpublished changes.

  • Tyler Griffin commented
    26 Jan 10:24pm


  • Robert Jones commented
    7 Jan 03:51pm

    Adding my frustration to the bucket. At minimum, at least allow the changes to be discarded/unsaved when closing out. Even when I clear cookies it doesn't revert. The fact that a client-facing editor is this inflexible is bewildering. It's like navigating a mind field. I've had to go back and fix so many client changes that the editor causes more trouble than it's worth.

  • CFY Engineering commented
    17 Dec, 2021 03:00pm

    The whole changes and publishing system in Webflow is just so backwards. You don't know what you have changed, if anyone publishes ALL changes get published. The undo history gets deleted every time you change page. No way to get back to a previous version of a page (like in Wordpress). It's the main reason we are not using Webflow for anything serious in our enterprise. Too easy to make a mistake that is hard to recover.

  • Lucy King commented
    22 Nov, 2021 11:26am

    I would really love to see this, feels like a crazy thing not to have - I was eagerly checking the list of new features announced at no-code conf hoping this would be on it but no :( I'd also really love to just hear from someone at Webflow on this issue? It's frustrating not knowing anything about it.

  • Marloes commented
    21 Nov, 2021 02:46pm

    Indeed this option for the client in Editor to be able to delete an unpublished change should be made possible very soon. It is highly irritating that this is not possible. And also....as administrator I am looking for the option to undo my clients unpublished edits, and also that is hard to find (didn't find it yet)

    super annoying

  • Jen Armstrong commented
    3 Nov, 2021 04:28pm

    Came back to check on this almost 5 years later. Still have clients frustrated with the lack of being able to cancel publishing their own edits. Would have really hoped this would have been addressed by now.

  • Carlos Tur commented
    30 Oct, 2021 10:15am

    I hope they will add this essential feature soon.

  • Helgi Jónsson commented
    24 Oct, 2021 12:33am

    This feature can't be so hard to add? The revision has been stored and is live, you only need to allow the users to revert back.

  • Christopher Allard commented
    22 Sep, 2021 11:04pm

    Does anyone read these? Three years down the road and no feedback...

  • J Glynn commented
    18 Sep, 2021 05:52am

    Seriously, there needs to be a “cancel all edits” button. If my clients are editing a page in Drupal and realize they made a mistake, they can always just hit the cancel button and it exits without saving their changes.

    The editor is almost unusable without this. I can’t tell my clients that if they make a mistake while editing they have to publish it then figure out how to go back in and fix it.

    I've been checking out Webflow to see if I can recommend it for my clients, and this makes it impossible for me to recommend.

  • Wendy Morris commented
    5 Jul, 2021 04:36pm

    completely ridiculous this is even a discussion.
    even notepad has 1 undo.
    The first wysiwyg's back in the 90's when dreamweaver was backstage .. IT still had multiple levels of undo.
    This is almost as bad as not being able to have multiple users work on the designer at the same time without overwriting each other's work.
    Single page/data edit points.

  • Matt commented
    14 Jun, 2021 03:47am

    Still no update?? At least I can take some comfort in knowing I'm not the only one that is embarrassed to have to explain to a client that this feature is not available.

  • Cube3 Product commented
    4 Jun, 2021 11:33am

    My client asked about this today, felt pretty stupid saying you can't undo what you change or publish certain updates you make. I love Webflow but selling to clients a CMS which misses basic editing capabilities is challenging.

  • Matthew Bingham commented
    18 Mar, 2021 04:48pm

    I was onsite with a client just now showing them how to use the editor. Told them to upload any image to a particular hero section because we can discard it later. Well that was a little embarassing when I couldn't do that!

    Please create this simple function. How on earth is this not already available?

  • Automates .tech commented
    8 Feb, 2021 06:40pm

    You guys just raised $140 million! It would be great if you put some of it towards addressing some of these items that have been around for years. I really like your platform, but when a client asks how to get rid of the changes they've made in the editor and I have to tell them it can't easily be done it's pretty embarrassing...

  • TX Markets commented
    27 Jan, 2021 10:57am

    As for discarding changes, I think that is just super weird how they did it now. At least let us easily discard ALL changes (in case of dependencies in the changes). Right now there is no way to do that. Even logging out keeps your changes and you have to publish them. The UX of that just goes against all the rules..

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