Increase file size upload limit

Please enable file upload sizes larger than 10mb.

Clients regularly require large pdf files to be hosted on their websites for download and the current limit is restricting the ability to host long format and high quality pdf files. 

  • Tia Alisha
  • Mar 28 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Duetto Marketing commented
    13 May 05:23pm

    come on increase the freaking PDF size! at least to 25mb. we pay so much...
    press a button and increase the max size.
    AND give us the option with an app to store bigger pdf size elsewhere.

  • Tawasaw Web Builder commented
    22 Mar 11:19pm

    have to find like 50 workarounds to upload what I want, Im willing to pay for larger file sizes jus PLEASE make it an option

  • Andrew Doulames commented
    1 Mar 09:06pm

    If webflow doesn't want to host a ton of files, can we get a feature to integrate with s3 or google cloud storage which can provide links to the files? Making this as seemless as an upload button and returning a link into the field would be perfect and a great solution.

  • Alex Schneider commented
    3 Feb 02:30pm

    Webflow is a great platform for designing and developing websites, but without a higher file size upload limit, it is only suitable for prototyping and not for production. I hope Webflow will increase the file size upload limit in the future, or at least provide an option to upgrade to a higher limit for a reasonable price.

  • Zac Lazare commented
    29 Jan 11:26pm

    This madness. Please, Webflow...10MB is nothing for a PDF these days.

  • Sara Margolies commented
    5 Dec, 2023 10:56pm

    Would like to upload and link files in a CMS. Thanks

  • Leon Jacken commented
    4 Nov, 2023 07:32pm

    Come on webflow, you can do better. Should be a few lines of code. Please please please. PDF downloads in form of ebook, whitepapers, support documents etc. is common practice for most businesses.

  • Logan Kroloff commented
    13 Oct, 2023 09:00pm

    What is the point of this restriction? It's clearly a pain point for your users and would be trivial to fix.

  • Rodrigo Portaro commented
    20 Sep, 2023 07:57am

    This limit is a deal absurd, not something that is expected from Webflow.

  • Stuart McMillan commented
    21 Aug, 2023 01:42pm

    This is an extremely poor, limiting, restriction. This has clearly been articulated as a problem by clients for a number of years now. We will be seeking an alternative web platform given the recent cost increases, pitiful limitations such as this, and basic functions (document upload) hidden behind paywalls.

  • Donald Donckers commented
    26 Jul, 2023 04:04am

    Please increase this, 10mb for files is nothing

  • Josh Allen commented
    1 Jul, 2023 03:27am

    Had no idea this wasn't just a free user limit. Having this as a limit regardless is an absolute joke.

  • Cole Schneider commented
    23 Jun, 2023 02:43pm

    I agree with Jurie's recent comment, this is a bit of a deal-breaker for many users. Unfortunately I was unaware until many hours into my site's development and am now at a frustrating crossroad that may lead me away from your platform.

    In 2023, a 10mb limit for individual document uploads is an unexpected limitation. This feature request is from 2021! Please respond with where this item is on your development board.

    I imagine your support team has dealt with frustrated users due to this issue for years, give them some relief!

  • Jurie Van Staden commented
    21 Jun, 2023 07:27am

    Why is the limit so small still? A 4 Mb limit in 2023 is just unacceptable.
    This post is from 2019. Has anything changed? When will we see an update Webflow?

    The small limit is a make-or-break thing, I would appreciate it if you paid attention to the user urgent request.

  • Tim Schober commented
    17 May, 2023 04:02pm

    Please fix this asap, it's a critical feature for many B2B companies.

  • Deko Design commented
    17 May, 2023 09:13am

    My company is using two main pdf files for listing all our products. These files are each 25 mb. It is ridiculous that the limit is 10 mb. We are currently on the CMS plan, but thinking about cancelling the subscription because of this

  • Yaroslav Lugovatskyi commented
    14 Mar, 2023 01:54am

    4mb that's ridiculous

  • Lorenzo Renga commented
    15 Feb, 2023 05:22pm

    Impossible to make good quality video or assets direct in Webflow

  • Matt J commented
    29 Nov, 2022 11:23am

    This size limit makes Webflow unsuitable for hosting .pdf's and many business applications. Please expand it to at least 50mb!

  • HG Webmaster commented
    9 Oct, 2022 11:09pm


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