Disable Collection Item Detail Page

It would be great to have the possibility to disable a specifik CMS collection item detail page & disable all detail pages for all items in one CMS collection.

It would open up many new ways to build things with CMS collections and easier for clients to update and add content.

Example: Lets say you are building a blog:
In some articles you may want to link the list layout to a detail page and in some articles you may want to link to another website. This is possible today but you are still publishing an empty detail page since the article links to another website. In this case it would be great to have the option to "disable collection item detail page" and no detail page for this specifik item is created. 

Example: The clients want to add or delete pricing rows:
We could create a CMS collection called pricing rows and in the setting we could set "disable all detail pages". 
Then the client can use the CMS collection to add, delete or change content. 

Example: Ability for client to add, delete or edit Main Navigation Links.
Lets say the client want to have the ability to add, delete and edit the main navigation on the website. We could create a collection called "Pages" or "Navigation". We could either disable all detail pages and use the collection to create the main navigation and let clients add, delete or edit nav links. 

In a simple site we could create the collection "pages" and the client can easily add, delete or edit all pages through one collection. If the client adds a new item it would create a new nav link in the main navigation, and a new collection page. The client could also decide if they want to create a new page or just add the nav link to the navigation by "disable detail page for this collection item".

  • Nicklas Schmölker
  • Mar 28 2019
  • and 19 more