Shared Design System Symbol Library

Ability to have one master webflow project that acts as a symbol library for other projects!

  • Stefan Poulos
  • Apr 2 2019
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  • Felipe Soares commented
    18 Jan, 2021 09:01am

    Exactly! I did something here too

  • Doug Brown commented
    19 Dec, 2019 06:24pm

    Yes! (yes, yes, yes....)

    Webflow is near perfect as a web design/dev tool. However, I think it is so close to being the most powerful product design tools out there. This is probably the biggest features that's missing for that to be a reality.

    If it were possible to create and share styles across projects, it would mean that my team could prototype different parts of an app while utilizing and adding to a shared library which would insure perfect consistency across projects.

    Right now, here are my only options:

    1) I can create a project as a design library that we then cut/copy from, but If (when) style are changed in that project they don't propagate back. This means inconstancy issues unless designers go back and reference the master file and move any changes back to their projects (which they won't do...) 


    2) We can work off of one large project to insure consistent styles. However, if we do this, only one of us can work at a time, and I would much rather the whole team use web flow as their primary design tool.

    Having shared styles would be an absolute game-changer. I can't upvote this enough...

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