How wonderful would it be if we could input an API url into Webflow and use that JSON data the same way as we can the Webflow CMS data? This would open up so many magical possibilities in Webflow. Yes it would mean people could manage their content elsewhere undermining the Webflow CMS, BUT this could be a feature of the CMS package so no loss there. I work with clients who have central API's for news, events etc. Webflow is the perfect system for marketing sites but there is no nice way to pull this info (yes I can use vuejs but this gets messy with embeded elements, zapier – several issues here). Thanks!

  • David
  • Apr 8 2019
  • Hamish Maclean commented
    April 16, 2019 02:22

    This is a cool idea. I was thinking Webflow should directly integrate with airtable. But this has better scope. I could build a database in FileMaker or anything and have webflow access the required data. It would be nice to have more zapier power within Webflow itself that is for sure.