Multiple currencies

I think it is very important to add options for multiple currencies in the webflow ecommerce. If a store wants to sell products across different countries with different currencies, only using USD is a very strong limitation. I suggest to add this feature with options to define fixed prices per product in different currencies. Ideally, based on the users location/country, the applicable currency would be selected automatically (but also allowing to switch manually).
  • Christian Ehrat
  • Apr 9 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Tomasz Krajewski commented
    16 Apr 10:46pm

    It is essential

  • Tzkar Creative commented
    23 Feb 03:14am

    Very important

  • Anton Dubovik commented
    25 Nov, 2023 07:49am

    Really need this feature

  • Gaetan EKSZTEROWICZ commented
    1 Oct, 2023 08:04pm

    Webflow team, what about listen to us at some point? Your devs suck that much? change them.

  • Dylan O commented
    25 Sep, 2023 10:53am

    Webflow, still no native multi currency? seriously....

  • Studio Noue commented
    13 Aug, 2022 10:20pm

    Honestly a joke...

  • Neville commented
    2 Mar, 2022 09:17pm

    I am just completing a multi-currency event management app for a client - and I've had to cobble it together with various different components (Webflow, Airtable and Stripe included) because there isn't multi-currency support in Webflow.

    This would be a huge time saver in Webflow. Automatically convert prices, but also the ability to set one or more prices in each currency manually.


  • David Howlett commented
    30 Jan, 2022 06:59pm

    I cannot move my ecommerce business to webflow simply because we cannot sell in multiple currencies. How can you offer an ecommerce package without basic functionality?!

  • Studio Noue commented
    11 Jan, 2022 11:08am

    E-commerce without multiple currencies are useless.

  • Studio Noue commented
    5 Dec, 2021 09:24pm

    Can't believe Webflow doesn't have this functionalities. Basically, that means no international e-commerce. It's so bad. 3 years later, still nothing.

  • Jessy commented
    13 Jul, 2021 10:57am

    Multiple currencies is an absolute must for Ecommerce sites. This is the single overriding factor influencing my decision to switch platforms.

  • Sjoerd commented
    22 Jun, 2021 02:28pm

    it is essential if you sell courses etc. worldwide to have multi currency. The sooner the better.

  • commented
    14 Jun, 2021 11:08pm

    We recently launched Multi-Currency for Webflow Shops to automatically translate prices to your shoppers' home currencies. Please give it a try for free!

    Please reach out to us ( if you have any questions.

  • Kelsie Trainor commented
    11 Jun, 2021 12:14am

    Definitely need this feature ASAP!!!!

  • Erfan Amiri commented
    25 May, 2021 06:47pm

    Need this feature!!! Hopefully as soon as possible...

  • Yasin Mahmood commented
    16 May, 2021 04:42pm

    Desperately need this feature! Our e-commerce store is worldwide.

  • Tobias Wagner commented
    10 Apr, 2021 09:24am

    Currently, amounts are converted on the fly using current exchange rates. However, for an effective last phase of a sales funnel it’s really important to set meaningful pricing in local currencies. You would not want to display €10.24, but €9.99. You’d rather take the hit and lose the 0.25c but convert at much higher rates.

    Webflow argues in their marketing rightfully that users can design their sites and stores to their needs down to every animation by the pixel. This is how Webflow differentiates itself from all the cookie-cutter solutions out there. But it would need to apply to pricing as well! Multiple currencies (and multiple languages done right - sorry, the third party translators don’t cut it) are a fundemental need for Webflow to be a truly international platform.

  • Sjoerd Taal commented
    24 Mar, 2021 06:09am

    This is better something they add fast, this is so important when you have a store that sells wordwide.. :(

  • Francois Carlier commented
    16 Mar, 2021 03:46pm

    I'm horrified to see that this feature has been requested in April 2019 and is still not implemented. I guess it will never be as well as customer portal. I'm on the fence to quit Webflow.

  • Hanna Braun commented
    26 Feb, 2021 09:05am

    This would be so helpful!!!

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