Multiple currencies

I think it is very important to add options for multiple currencies in the webflow ecommerce. If a store wants to sell products across different countries with different currencies, only using USD is a very strong limitation. I suggest to add this feature with options to define fixed prices per product in different currencies. Ideally, based on the users location/country, the applicable currency would be selected automatically (but also allowing to switch manually).
  • Christian Ehrat
  • Apr 9 2019
  • STAND Wearables commented
    10 Jul 10:50

    Super duper important. Removes friction and adds trust for customer considering a pruchase

  • Genc Doda commented
    26 Jun 06:57

    This is more than needed feature! I don't why you don focus on things like but instead you make updates on shiny stuff like lottie and so on which only make websites slow. Everybody need a simple CMS that's fast, easy to use for clients to create websites that work. I'm based in Switzerland and people here are very conservative, when I sent them a billing link on $ currency they think right away if this is secure or so!!!

  • Paul Novelle commented
    11 Jun 12:54

    This is critically needed we need to be able to sell into different markets as a digital offering. This is HUGELY limiting and will mean we will need to move away from webflow for sure if this can't be solved in the next 3-6 months in line with our site development. We love the tool and would prefer to build in it but this is hugely limiting!

  • Joshua Roberts commented
    02 Jun 03:05

    This is absolutely critical. If we cannot get this feature, cannot reliably support multi-region, multi-language ecommerce sites. We are getting penalized by Google Ads for the mismatch now.

  • Alex Cheng commented
    11 May 23:47

    This is sooo important. What's the point of selling online if you can only sell to your own country. We're in Canada and it's just a turn off for our US customers to not see the price in their own currency.

  • Daniele Calvo Pollino commented
    06 Apr 13:09

    Guys, please please please give us multi currency ! :)

  • Simon Dyer commented
    August 06, 2019 10:57

    I thought it had multiple currencies when I signed up and developed my sitre in webflow. Found this when searching for how to implement multiple currencies.
    Of course webflow must support it !!!  ( And paypal!)