Unique page passwords per collection item

Ability to password protect individual collection items

  • Gaby Izarra
  • Apr 23 2019
  • Dan Stark commented
    02 May 22:32

    If the password field could be an additional field in the collection, then the collection page template would only need to reference that field like any other content on a collection page. The password is then specified within the collection item.

  • Kilian Longueville commented
    16 May 09:21

    This would be very handy! Please add this feature!

  • Jon Way commented
    23 May 17:42

    This would be extremely valuable for portfolio type sites where it doesn't make sense locking up the entire collection if only some projects need to be locked. The work around is creating a separate locked collection, but theres inherent complications that come with having to do it that way that don't make it too ideal.

  • Jeff Jean-Baptiste commented
    26 May 18:51

    I hope this follows soon after CMS Gallery ships. Photography clients always ask for this capability. 

  • Moa Torres commented
    30 Jun 21:34

    This would be great to build Project Status' pages for each client with unique passwords so they could "login" to track their projects' progress and communicate with our team whilst we're developing or upload files, i.e.

  • Mike Mirabal commented
    24 Jul 17:46

    Yes please! Would be very helpful for case studies.

  • Nick Zonneveld commented
    11 Oct 10:24

    This would be very helpfull!

  • Coty Beasley commented
    19 Oct 18:16

    I'm trying to get to a point where almost every repeatable bit of my site content can be managed via CMS - it's really why I opted for the CMS tier. Having the ability to control access to each item in a collection is my top wanted feature, along with multi-reference tag creation.