Unique page passwords per collection item

Ability to password protect individual collection items

  • Gaby Izarra
  • Apr 23 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Sarah McCaffrey commented
    13 Feb 09:05am

    So need this or will have o have whole website rebuilt elsewhere. Any updates??

  • Kiri Coles commented
    19 Dec, 2022 06:47pm

    I went through all of the 21 day portfolio course and then found out this isn’t possible. Think I will have to do a strange page redirect situation as a solve, but this functionality seems like a no brainer.

  • David commented
    19 Dec, 2022 06:06pm


  • Veronica Agne commented
    18 Jul, 2022 02:24am

    i really cant continue using webflow without this

  • Jonathon Rossi commented
    13 Jul, 2022 08:17am

    Ah come on!! Make it a thing already!!

  • Veronica Agne commented
    2 May, 2022 05:42am

    please i need this so much

  • Nazar Alsamarai commented
    5 Feb, 2022 03:47pm

    This will allow us to move so many of our projects over from Wordpress.

  • Sunny Li commented
    12 Nov, 2021 02:27am

    need this so so much, especially since most of my pages are dynamic.

  • Winston Struye commented
    27 Sep, 2021 06:32pm

    I think a lot of people would find this very useful, and for some reason it doesn't seem that difficult since we already have password protect for individual pages.

    Hoping "reviewed" means Webflow is paying attention to this!

  • SH commented
    29 Jul, 2021 03:15pm

    We really need this. Why would you protect a whole CMS collection, but not protect individual items?

  • Rahul Choudhary commented
    2 Jul, 2021 12:09pm

    Bring it soon need it like anything because of NDAs

  • Israel Ramirez commented
    1 Jul, 2021 07:49pm

    Does reviewed mean it's under consideration?

  • Guest commented
    1 Jul, 2021 05:56pm

    Ooh, status changed to reviewed! I’m excited!

  • Sebastiaan Kramp commented
    3 Jun, 2021 08:23pm

    Will this ever be available?

  • Gabriela Dzenutis commented
    2 Jun, 2021 08:55pm

    This would be terrific! This would be especially great for projects in portfolios where you are under an NDA and are not able to showcase your work to everyone.

  • Kaitlyn Daleiden commented
    28 May, 2021 02:28am

    Is there any update on if this on the roadmap?

  • Luis Maroto commented
    14 Apr, 2021 01:40pm

    Please add this soon!

  • Kyle Baughan commented
    3 Mar, 2021 06:43pm

    yes, please... a high paying client is needing this... they are considering switching to another platform in the future if it's not available.

  • Jonathan Beltrán commented
    10 Feb, 2021 09:10pm

    Need this!

  • Zoey Li commented
    22 Jan, 2021 03:28am

    Please add this soon! I only want to password protect one item in my portfolio but it only lets me password protect the entire collection of case studies.

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