Add Filters & Sort to Reference Collection List


The filters on a standard Collection provide ‘Sort Order’ and ‘Filters’, but these do not appear to be available when you use a reference field (multi-reference etc) on a Collection List. However, as with the main collection, you would most likely require the same filters on the Reference Collection list.

I understand that you can manually order the reference items within the CMS with a rudimentary ordering of selecting first, second, third reference item, but this is not a workable way to manage collections, especially if you are regularly adding to them, nor does it provide hiding elements with toggle etc.

Please look into adding this functionality to improve filtering in CMS.



  • Glenn Eastland
  • Apr 29 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Kirsty commented
    23 Nov, 2022 10:28am

    Crazy that we are still waiting on this after numerous Webflow updates. I have again had to change a nested collection into a full collection with a filter. These configurations lack the UX and functionaility of the nested collection option.

  • Kasper Dam commented
    25 Aug, 2022 08:44am

    Sigh... when i found out this was not a thing. :(

  • CareValue commented
    16 Aug, 2021 03:48pm

    Hi all,

    This is a great recommendation, but unfortunately hasn't been implemented in Webflow. I found a workaround here:

    In my instance, I just wanted to be able to sort a multireference field by it's 'name'.

    I added this before the body tag:

    <!-- F'in sweet CMS Library for Webflow -->

    <script src=""></script>


    // immediately/self invoked function. This function executes right away

    (function() {

      // create a new Library instance and store it in a variable called "customBlogPosts"

      var customBlogPosts = new FsLibrary('.collection-list-6')   // your collection list class name - change it to whatever yours is

      // run the sort Library component on your instance


        sortTrigger: '.sort-button', // class of the button........

        sortReverse: false, // if you want sort first click to be Z>A.......

        activeClass: 'active', // class that styles the active state

        animation: {

          duration: 0,





    Then I created a button with the class 'sort-button' and ID 'sort-button'. In the settings panel of the button, add a custom <a> attribute. The name should be 'sort-by' (without quotes), and the value should be the class of whatever you're trying to sort (use inspect in google chrome to find out - in my case, the class was .carriers).

    I also wanted it to automatically sort a-z on page load, and NOT give the end-user the ability to sort. I set the above button to hidden - and I added this under the above code before the body tag:


    window.onload = function(){




    Long story short- this automatically sorts your multiref field by a-z, and can be used on a dynamic page.

    I hope this helps.

  • Raphael Zwyer commented
    22 Jun, 2021 09:37am

    Any shop offering more than a handful products needs the option for users to sort by specific/custom categories.

    I really expected this to be part of Webflow's ecommerce offering. Apparently it's not. Discovering that midway into my project means trouble with the client.

    While I welcome Webflow as a smart, functional, intuitive and designer-friendly tool to build and design websites, I can't believe there's STILL no built-in option in Webflow for this!
    If you advertise and sell your ecommerce-abilities shouldn't that be on top of your priority list?

    Please look into built-in, user-friendly filtering and sorting options asap!
    Thank you!

  • Niklas commented
    9 Jun, 2021 07:05pm

    yes please, make the functionality complete!

  • Joseph ferrari commented
    5 May, 2021 06:53pm

    Please add this, I dont understand why it is not available. Its making eveything much more complictaed.

  • Raquel Pea commented
    27 Apr, 2021 12:16am

    Ran into this issue today! It's causing a big holdup for launching my clients site. It seems like an essential function... to be able to filter and sort nested or referenced collection lists using custom fields.

  • James Walker commented
    21 Jan, 2021 08:43pm

    Come across this issue today! Seems an odd omission to me...

  • Tim Nyquist commented
    9 Dec, 2020 05:39pm

    I realized the difference between reference collection lists and nested collection lists. I added a similar idea at

  • Tim Nyquist commented
    9 Dec, 2020 05:16pm

    My example is for a theatre. I want to list all of the artists in a show, as well as any and all characters they play in that show. I thought I would simply utilize a couple of multi-reference fields in my Artists collection.

    1. Shows collection

    2. Characters collection: reference all characters that an artist plays across ALL shows (which also reference the Shows collection)

    Well, I can filter my initial collection list of artists to just those in the current show. However, I can't filter my nested collection list of characters to just the characters in the current show.

    Sure, it is probably more straightforward to attack in the reverse—list the characters which reference the single artist that plays each character. But it would be nice to have the first option of filtering a nested collection list (which follows the info precedent set by the likes of an IMDB).

  • Giles Holland commented
    27 May, 2020 04:51pm

    Even if I could rearrange the pills in the CMS editor that would be a manual workaround--that would take like an hour to implement as a temporary measure surely?

    Being unable to sort multireference lists basically makes them useless in 50% (if not the majority) of use cases--anything where you have more than a tiny handful of items. I don't understand how it could even have been released without this feature, let alone how several years later it hasn't been fixed. Webflow seem to have thought of only a specific use case, like listing two or three co-authors on a blog post. They haven't thought about all the other cases, e.g. having a list of publications under an author item, where each author could easily have 100 publications, which you would naturally want to add to over time and sort by date.

  • Егор Захаров commented
    20 May, 2020 02:27am

    PLEASE! It should be by default

  • Chat Clussman commented
    17 Apr, 2020 09:11pm
  • Grace Allen commented
    11 Apr, 2020 07:27pm

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