More specific shipping zones - (i.e. States and Provinces)

As far as I can tell I can only set shipping rates based on country. This is a massive drawback as, for example, shipping an item from within Ontario is far cheaper than sending an item to BC.

It would be very helpful to be able to set different shipping rates by state and province, particularly in the US and Canada

  • Piergiorgio Gonni
  • May 2 2019
  • Piergiorgio Gonni commented
    November 07, 2019 15:04

    Ecwid implements this very well, with their platform we've been able to set up 10 different rates, divided by zones (Canadian provinces in our case).

    This is the only thing that is stopping us from switching our e-commerce to webflow

  • Noni commented
    19 Jan 12:48

    this is kinda essential for ecommerce and this is the only reason i can not use webflow for my store. how many ecommerce just sells worldwide to worth charging shipping on countries only? even the ones who do will also need this specification. the shipping can have a huge variation region to region. please fix it so i can join <3

  • Blair McDonald commented
    13 Feb 01:51

    Like a few of the other wishlist requests, it seems crazy that this isn't standard functionality. I don't know of a single shipping provider that charges a flat rate per country so why would an eCommerce business be assumed to charge in the same way. This needs to happen and shouldn't even be on the 'wishlist'.

    Even to set up rules based on state is a huge help. But country-wide... nuts.