Increase the number of CMS references allowed

I've had situations where I have a page designs that need lots of fields to accommodate the different types of content on the page. To avoid the 30 field limit on the template I use multi references. But I quickly run out of references I can use. 

  • Alex Nichol
  • Jan 15 2017
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  • Doable commented
    5 Jan 09:34pm

    Paying customer here. I was about to upgrade, but now I'm about to leave completely.

    Can't work with just 5 (or 10) ref fields...

  • Vikram commented
    12 Dec, 2021 07:48pm

    Please increase the number of multi-reference fields that one can use per CMS collection... this will be very useful in the project I am working on.

  • Jonathan commented
    7 Dec, 2021 08:08pm

    Stuck on a project without the ability to have more than 5 multi-reference fields. Please unlock this capability for users.

  • Austin Skillings commented
    1 Dec, 2021 09:19pm

    I'm in dire need of this as well. I have no idea what I'm going to do to accomplish some of my clients needs. One reason I cannot switch completely over to Webflow from Wordpress etc. Having only 5 reference's is a pretty sad number to be honest :(. PLEASE remove limitation.

    Thank you Webflow team!

  • Red Ben commented
    11 Oct, 2021 01:39am

    I am a paying customer as all other people that have commented and upvoted. Webflow, it's your responsability to respond to your paying customer's requests. Remove the limitation!

    Thank you.

  • Jason Roach commented
    30 Sep, 2021 03:36am

    Please adjust this limitation. 5 is just too low--please consider at least 8-10.

  • Ian Watts commented
    23 Sep, 2021 06:51am

    This is a feature I would be willing to pay more money for. It should at least be available as an option on some premium plans, or as an optional upgrade. I would love to use Webflow for all my creation needs but given the complexity of the systems I am trying to design I am not sure I will be able to use Webflow. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY

  • Guillaume Langlois commented
    16 Sep, 2021 10:45pm

    I wonder why Webflow would limit the potential of its users in such a way. The 5 limit and the impossibility to nest more than one collection per page is incapacitating.

  • Ranjit Sreenivas commented
    26 Aug, 2021 01:28pm

    Yes please!

  • Jan Kučera commented
    3 Aug, 2021 09:44pm

    its supermuch limiting

  • Shneor Crombie commented
    30 Jul, 2021 12:19am

    how come Webflow refrence field limit to 5 is even exsit? is so limiting that it almost make CMS pointless

  • Alex Denne commented
    9 Jul, 2021 02:57pm

    This affects us too, we'd love to see this increased to 10 at least, perhaps even 20.

  • Nina Martinez commented
    8 Jun, 2021 03:16pm

    This is so limiting! Really hoping to see some movement with this soon.

  • CSD commented
    21 May, 2021 08:53pm


  • CSD commented
    21 May, 2021 08:53pm


  • Cooper Beckel commented
    18 May, 2021 02:30am

    Honestly, there is no point for me to pay to use Webflow without at least 200 multi-references. Without this the manual overhead required to build what I want to build will take just as long in Webflow as if I hand code everything on a static website.

  • Simon Melizan commented
    19 Apr, 2021 01:06pm

    Very much needed.

  • Adam Graff commented
    12 Apr, 2021 04:26pm

    Really need this!!

  • Andrew Nelsen commented
    13 Nov, 2018 06:44pm

    I could also see us needing additional CMS references for dynamic relationships between products/categories with Webflow Ecommerce!



  • Jonny Hill commented
    29 May, 2018 03:29pm

    We sincerely need this for our site. 

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