Increase the number of CMS references allowed

I've had situations where I have a page designs that need lots of fields to accommodate the different types of content on the page. To avoid the 30 field limit on the template I use multi references. But I quickly run out of references I can use. 

  • Alex Nichol
  • Jan 15 2017
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  • Felix commented
    3 May, 2023 01:10pm

    This becomes apparent in the middle of a project. Actually a bummer

  • Tin Grainca commented
    17 Feb, 2023 11:24pm

    Please change this limit

  • Kwame B commented
    23 Dec, 2022 03:03am

    This is honestly essential. Even if it has to be limited to paid plans.

    Please increase to something even as little as

    10 Basic
    20 Business

  • Cosmo Scharf commented
    5 Nov, 2022 03:53am

    Dear Webflow team, I would be willing to pay extra to have more CMS reference fields. Having only five seriously limits what I can do with my website, and is extremely frustrating. I urgently request you to consider making this change. This was posted five years ago. What is the status of increasing this limit?

  • Linus Horemans commented
    26 Jul, 2022 09:36am

    Was at a meeting with big client, too bad this 5 limitation made us chose alternative option. Please fix this, your losing customers.

  • Mnngful Publishing commented
    18 Jun, 2022 11:08am

    The limit make many users to think about moving from webflow. My projects and customer's project don't work with such limit. 10 is the minimum

  • Maria Silva commented
    11 Apr, 2022 05:37pm

    Please change this limit

  • Imane Kaddo commented
    19 Mar, 2022 08:44am

    Please change this and up the limit to 8-10. This is a very necessary feature and is putting me off from using Webflow all together.

  • Alex Robinson commented
    25 Feb, 2022 03:05pm

    Why have the reduced this? It's totally ruined my whole business model!! Nightmare .... Can someone from Webflow please respond to this so we can know whether to leave the platform or not?

  • Jon marius Nilsson commented
    19 Feb, 2022 10:28pm

    Can we just get a possibility to pay for more multi reference fields.... Customers have no problem paying for it, so why make this limitation that basicly makes webflow useless for some cases? I just need 20 of them to make a very dynamic menu system for a restaurant with multiple locations. But for now I can only get 10 no matter what?

  • Sean commented
    31 Jan, 2022 06:06am

    I thought something was wrong when I went to add a 6th ref field. For e-commerce, how would one build out a catalog with just 5 reference fields? (Commerce Plan)

  • Doable commented
    5 Jan, 2022 09:34pm

    Paying customer here. I was about to upgrade, but now I'm about to leave completely.

    Can't work with just 5 (or 10) ref fields...

  • Vikram commented
    12 Dec, 2021 07:48pm

    Please increase the number of multi-reference fields that one can use per CMS collection... this will be very useful in the project I am working on.

  • Jonathan commented
    7 Dec, 2021 08:08pm

    Stuck on a project without the ability to have more than 5 multi-reference fields. Please unlock this capability for users.

  • Austin Skillings commented
    1 Dec, 2021 09:19pm

    I'm in dire need of this as well. I have no idea what I'm going to do to accomplish some of my clients needs. One reason I cannot switch completely over to Webflow from Wordpress etc. Having only 5 reference's is a pretty sad number to be honest :(. PLEASE remove limitation.

    Thank you Webflow team!

  • Red Ben commented
    11 Oct, 2021 01:39am

    I am a paying customer as all other people that have commented and upvoted. Webflow, it's your responsability to respond to your paying customer's requests. Remove the limitation!

    Thank you.

  • Jason Roach commented
    30 Sep, 2021 03:36am

    Please adjust this limitation. 5 is just too low--please consider at least 8-10.

  • Ian Watts commented
    23 Sep, 2021 06:51am

    This is a feature I would be willing to pay more money for. It should at least be available as an option on some premium plans, or as an optional upgrade. I would love to use Webflow for all my creation needs but given the complexity of the systems I am trying to design I am not sure I will be able to use Webflow. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY

  • Guillaume Langlois commented
    16 Sep, 2021 10:45pm

    I wonder why Webflow would limit the potential of its users in such a way. The 5 limit and the impossibility to nest more than one collection per page is incapacitating.

  • Ranjit Sreenivas commented
    26 Aug, 2021 01:28pm

    Yes please!

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