Ability to organize collections in folders

We've launched collection reordering, so I'm pulling this feature out into its own wishlist item. (For context, see: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-155)

  • Gaby Izarra
  • May 14 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Rodrigo Demetrio commented
    30 Jan 08:04pm

    urgent we need that

  • Alec Wren commented
    26 Jan 12:41am

    Pleeeeeeease integrate this. The current URL structure possibilities are so limiting.

  • Jordan Mackay commented
    24 Jan 05:15pm

    I didn't know this was a limitation until i spend 6 months building a website. Webflow won't work for us without this.

  • Kyle Garrett commented
    23 Jan 08:39pm


  • Ross McCully commented
    20 Jan 11:21am

    This is essential for SEO. Client may need to move to another platform if this isn't resolved as it's a huge problem only discovered after lots of resource has already been spent building out their website.

  • Scott Johnson commented
    18 Jan 08:47pm

    A Must for SEO!

  • Firat Bayram Bakir commented
    3 Jan 02:06pm

    This is crucial for SEO... Can't move to Webflow just because of this easy feature.

  • Jim Yeh commented
    7 Dec, 2022 11:12pm
    This is such a basic feature and it's making my buddy David mad!
  • Jasper Straßburger commented
    23 Nov, 2022 04:10pm

    where is this? its so basic yet so essential!

  • James Zhong commented
    15 Nov, 2022 06:44am

    For SEO this is essential please take another look at this feature

  • Jorrit van Ginkel commented
    11 Nov, 2022 03:04pm

    Yes please

  • Brian Grey commented
    7 Nov, 2022 05:30pm

    ⚠️ We deeply need url.com/page/sub-pages/CMS-page ⚠️

    I have a folder "Baseball" with "Inform" & "Guide" pages that have a collection list of articles: url.com/baseball/inform & url.com/baseball/guide

    When the user clicks on one of the article it leads him to: url.com/inform/article-name

    This doesn't help for SEO. Please fix this, we need to put CMS template pages into the right collection page so it becomes: url.com/baseball/inform/article-name

    I'm working with a non-profit that focuses on content to help high-school athletes. It really needs this page structure for Google's SEO. Please help.

  • Jonathan Martin commented
    2 Nov, 2022 01:35pm

    Website URL Structure is essential. Add this. Please.

  • Kai Henthorn-Iwane commented
    14 Oct, 2022 01:25am

    Please add this! This is essential for SEO--dealbreaker that kept a corporate blog in Wordpress

  • Hunter Varnum commented
    4 Oct, 2022 03:46pm

    Really could use this, seems basic enough. It's been years & this is still just reviewed?

  • Sprints Digital commented
    7 Sep, 2022 04:46pm

    Any update?

    Still a massive issue for SEO & dynamic content

  • Osmar commented
    3 Sep, 2022 11:27am

    I'd like to be able to duplicate a collection page (template page), rename it, rename the slug and move it to a folder.

  • Shannon McArthur commented
    31 Aug, 2022 05:16pm

    +1 this would be incredibly helpful! Thank you.

  • Lisa Temes commented
    29 Aug, 2022 05:16pm


  • Emmanuel Limal commented
    13 Aug, 2022 01:21pm

    It's really missing to add collection pages into a language folder, så google and users do not suddenly see one unique page not being into the language folder.

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