Ability to organize collections in folders

We've launched collection reordering, so I'm pulling this feature out into its own wishlist item. (For context, see: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-155)

  • Gaby Izarra
  • May 14 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Jonny Growfox commented
    27 Oct 08:54am

    Any update on this?

  • Oliver Kuttruff commented
    13 Oct 07:17am

    Dear webflow-team, could you please give a status update on this topic?

    For a clean lang-folder setup, this feature is desperately needed.

  • Geffrey Barendregt commented
    11 Oct 08:14pm

    Severely needed! +3

  • Matt Hodkinson commented
    11 Oct 01:33am

    This alongside the 100-page limit for non-cms pages is severely limiting for enterprise / large orgs.

  • Antoine commented
    8 Oct 08:38am

    needed !

  • Nuno O. Almeida commented
    15 Sep 10:06am

    This is a pretty serious limitation. It such and obvious thing to add. I imagine that adding the ability to add a "/" to the collection slug would easily fix this.

    It's hard to believe it's taking so long to consider adding this as a feature. The url organization on more complex website gets completely ruined without it.

  • Robert Simmons commented
    3 Sep 02:56am

    My goodness, we're just scoping out changes for an Enterprise-level client. They've got a ton of search engine traffic running into their resource articles, but all have a structure of {sitename}.com/resources/{sub-folder}/{article}. Hard to believe there are threads all over the place that have been merged here, and it hasn't even been talked about.

    Going to be very hard-pressed to sell them on a 30k hosting plan after delivering the news that they're going to need to start from scratch with their SEO. 301s are a half-measure that will do considerably more damage than just not changing URLs.

  • Michael Ouellette commented
    19 Aug 03:17pm

    it is a requirement to have a structure that allows for say...a news collection to live a resources parent.


  • Mario P. commented
    6 Aug 10:04pm

    Could anyone from webflow provide a quick update on this feature?

  • Bruno commented
    2 Jul 03:21am

    Absolutely necessary. Please implement this folder feature for collections because it will save so much work to organize the websites urls, seo, and cms. All out once with one simple folder.

  • Christoffer Furnes commented
    31 May 08:26am

    Since Webflow is still missing native multilingual support, this would really, really, really make life so much easier for setting up multi language manually in Webflow.

    You can set up subfolders on static pages already, WHY not in collections?

  • Nic commented
    29 May 07:30am

    Custom SEO Slugs & Multi-lingual sites - Solved by implementing this single feature.

    Please. Just. Implement.

    Anyway, i'm off to rebuild my entire site in WordPress.

  • Instinct Agency commented
    24 May 12:47pm

    Has anyone found a workaround for this problem?

  • Adeel Raza commented
    25 Mar 09:54am

    This would really help!

  • Marek Eiba commented
    11 Feb 09:06am

    I need this to categorize blog posts for different languages:



  • Instinct Agency commented
    11 Feb 09:03am

    We really need this for our multi-language site to prefix blog CMS items with "language folder".

  • Jacob Bolvig commented
    1 Oct, 2020 10:20pm

    This is so needed, lots of good reasons why in the comment field already, however here's my use:

    We have multiple digital products and would like to feature a changelog, per product.

    With the current structure we're forced to have a "domain.com/changelog" as opposed to "domain.com/product/changelog" so when people google changes or our products the search engine cannot index it properly.

  • Surcle Co commented
    28 Sep, 2020 07:53am

    Organize Collections in folders (ability to use existing static folder names)

    ↑ I need this feature to categorize blog post for different language / region




  • Adrian Macdonald commented
    11 Jun, 2020 08:07am

    I would like to do this not just for SEO but also for being able to set up Content Groupings in Google Analytics.

  • Kai Lovel commented
    2 Jun, 2020 03:52am

    This would be a big deal! Especially for sites where different projects that need their own sub pages (ie. /projectname) require CMS as well.

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