Dynamic form field with URL Parameters


Dynamically set form fields with url parameters. I would like to specify that this is commonly used for Hidden form fields.



Hidden (or not hidden) field ID: utm_campaign
URL: www.yourwebsite.com/?utm_campaign=big%20event

Upon loading the page the hidden field will be populated with: "big event"

Once submitted, you will know what URL the user came from.


Why this is important:
This allows marketers to track where leads/ purchases come from and attribute them to events (big event), emails, ads, social posts, etc.


Instapage (Built for marketers) relies on this feature, take a look here: https://help.instapage.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005969527-Passing-UTM-Parameters-From-The-URL-To-A-Hidden-Field

  • Zack Olivas
  • May 20 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Drew Eastmead commented
    26 Mar, 2021 07:33pm

    Similar request. Would like the ability to add custom code to the redirect URL upon Webflow form submission. Why?

    1. It's extremely common when running Google or Facebook Ads campaigns to add UTM parameters at the end of the URL.

    2. Say a user clicks a Google ad. They're taken to a Webflow landing page, and the URL includes UTM tracking parameters.

    3. If the user then fills out a form on said landing page, it's very common to then direct that user to a thank you page (a separate URL).

    4. Because of current form limitations with Webflow, it is not possible for the UTM parameters to be passed from the landing page to the thank you page URL. The UTM ad tracking part of the URL just gets totally stripped out when the user arrives on the thank you page.

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