Add item specific content to a collection page

I'd love to have the ability to create a collection template that both pulls content from the collection, and can have item-specific content.

My example with design case studies and what I want to achieve:

  • Have each case study as part of the same set (having a dynamic router to other pages in the collection at the bottom)
  • Pull common data for all projects from the CMS Collection (project name, featured image, intro copy, meta data)
  • Add page specific content that requires a unique order of modules. Not have just image blocks– have custom modules (sliders, layout variants, etc.)

The only work-around I currently see is to either have all collection pages use the same order of content and be limited by the amount of content I can place, or 'hard code' each page.. which I guess isn't the worst thing, but not as streamlined as it could be.

  • Jon Way
  • May 23 2019