Product Variant Features

Two things with product variants:

  • I'd love to be able to have a master set of product variant combos where every time [size x] + [material y] = $z (different pricing collections that could be assigned to their applicable products?)
  • Set one image for all variants. because there's of the issue above, as a work around I'd likely need to duplicate off one initial product with all variants set-up.. in which case I'm then left to update some 35 images per product to cover those variants.

I'm trying to set up ~250 print products and I'm finding it almost unusable in the current configuration... unless I'm (hopefully) missing something.

  • Jon Way
  • May 23 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Jon Way commented
    27 May, 2019 06:33pm

    I did figure out a work around for the second one– pretty simple really. Add another image field to the product collection, and just reference that image in all layout/checkout instances and never use the actual product images.

    Pricing collections still high on my list.