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Support asset metadata such as license, author/owner, source Merged

With the great number and quality of stock photos/icons licensed under CC-BY these days it is imperative to be able to track the licensing and give attribution where due. I've resorted to bailing on the Assets mechanism and building my own in the CMS (which is nasty for other reasons besides DRY) so I can keep track of where the file came from, what the license type is, who the photographer/artist/musician is, and other relevant details. This should be a first-class feature of the existing Assets mechanism, or it should be ditched in favor of a CMS collection that is more widely supported on static pages.

Feel free to merge this into WEBFLOW-I-1057 if the Webflow team ever decides to work on fixing the Asset mechanism.

Thanks for considering!

  • Webflow @ DEG
  • May 23 2019
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