One-Page Checkout Pages

It would be awesome to create multiple, one-page checkout pages (similar to SamCart), where a product is already selected on the page and the just fills out a one-page order form to purchase that specific product. Can be useful as a landing page.

  • Zhon
  • May 29 2019
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  • Leon Barth commented
    18 Apr, 2022 02:49pm
    Check out the clickfunnels classic: The Two Step Order Form --- It would allow people to check out on the product page and would open the door for order bumps, upsells & downsells. ->
  • Wollongong Design commented
    28 Mar, 2022 04:22am

    Completely Agree! We need this for us us Webflow builders. If Webflow is to be a one stop shop for a good web-page building, this is a must have.

  • Nenad Milaković commented
    17 Oct, 2021 10:01pm

    Even better, there is already one page check out, with up sell option on check out, post purchase up sell, much more payment processors, cash on delivery option, low fees, and much more. And if I'm informed right, they have submitted to make API integration with Web Flow. I hope we won't be waiting long.

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