Full Code Editor or Better Documentation of Webflow Classes

It would be an amazing enhancement to have a full code editor in Webflow or at least have a way to open/edit code in out editor of choice.  It would make it super easy to copy/paste code or implement third-party solutions when needed.  Something like in the attached or like this with formatting:

<divclass="container-wide cards-block">
<divclass="event-collection w-dyn-list">
<divclass="w-dyn-items w-row">
<divclass="w-dyn-item w-col w-col-4">
<div><ahref="#">Learn More <strong>»</strong></a></div>
<div>No items found.</div>
<divclass="container-wide news-block-button"><ahref="#"class="button w-button">More News articles</a></div>
Another option would be to document the actual Webflow classes online (like this maybe https://hackerthemes.com/bootstrap-cheatsheet/) so we can use it to make changes in our external editors if needed after export, eliminating the need to reimport or export a second time for changes.

  • Bryan Garrant
  • May 29 2019
  • Lillia Shanks commented
    08 Jan 12:39

    If the password field could be an additional field in the collection, then the collection page template would only need to reference that field like any other content on a collection page. The password is then specified within the collection item: Run 3 online.

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