Stylization Ability of Rich Text Blocks That Have Been Linked to Collection List Items


I'm new to Webflow, and I love it so far for all of its incredible customization capabilities.  However, I have discovered a huge flaw in the site's ability to edit Rich Text Blocks on CMS Collection Template Pages.  There is incredible stylization power over Rich Text Fields in the designer shown in Webflow's tutorials like this one, but the same customization options are completely slashed if you are trying to work on a Rich Text Block that you've pulled in from Collection List item.  Being able to only style your RTB with the small set of 10 controls from within the Editor itself that I've attached a screenshot of seems to defeat the vast customizability that Webflow offers.  I'm looking to be able to write long-form case studies on my CMS Project Template pages, and not being able to individually edit spacing, sizing, margins, text, etc. for each individual element of each project from in the designer is going to make things far more complicated in order for each to look as nice and as professional as possible.  Especially because laying out text perfectly around photos and other elements so it looks nice is difficult with the limited controls offered from in the Editor.  Additionally, I was hoping to be able to use Lightboxes for each photo of each study so that viewers can click the photos to enlarge, but this is also impossible to add to a Rich Text Block.  I found one 'sort of' work around, which can be seen here, but truthfully this approach is unrealistic to truly style your RTB elements in a manner that looks professional and that lives up to the customization that Webflow offers on seemingly everything else other than this important area.

I've also attached a few more screenshots displaying how the elements of an RTB are accessible and editable on a static page that has not been linked to a Collection List Item, vs. how the RTB is no longer a drop down once it's been linked to a Collection List Item, rendering it's contents inaccessible and unable to be individually manipulated.

I would love to see Webflow allow Rich Text Block editing capabilities to its CMS Collection List Template Pages even when they have been linked to Collection List items that are identical to the editing capabilities of RTB elements that have not been linked to CL items.

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  • Daniel Solberg
  • Jun 3 2019