Bypass CSS and write directly into HTML code

NOT to be confused with Custom Embed Code. 

There are numerous instances where it makes more sense to write properties directly into HTML instead of a css/class. 

For example, I don't want to make a NEW CSS class name for


'<'p'>'<'font size="20px"'>'This is some text!'<'/font'>'<'/p'>' 

This is some text!

I simply want that particular paragraph element to be 20px in HTML without making new class-name.

Basically, a good way to incorporate this is using the existing Style Panel with a 'Bypass CSS' pill toggle, which Style panel writes directly into HTML without css.

NOT to be confused with Custom Embed Code.

When using DIV Attributes, it doesn't work in Designer.

  • Miek Thompson
  • Jun 4 2019