Ability to "lock" classes

Often I create utility classes such as ".text-center", ".img-right" etc but I often go back to edit an object and mistakenly edit some other property such as color or padding and it applies it to my utility class which then affects all items using that class. I know I can manually change the selector in the pane, but it's just so easy to forget and overlook.

For example, if I had an element with .main-text | .text-center and go back later to edit the text color on the element, it would add it to .text-center.

It would be awesome if we could just "lock" classes or tag them as a "utility class" to prevent accidentally adding unwanted definitions to those classes on the fly. So for the example above, if I were able to "lock" .text-center from being edited, Webflow would instead add the definition to .main-text and not .text-center.


  • Ronnie Duke
  • Jun 6 2019
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