Prevent hotlinking (stealing) of webflow-hosted images (and other assets)

I would really enjoy an option to prevent hotlinking of my (image) assets that are hosted with Webflow. 

I write and illustrate stories, and it's very easy for people to just copy the content and paste it directly into a forum post. 

If there was hotlink protection (which is very easy to do with htaccess on regular hosting, or through Cloudflare when content appears on my own domain), I could make it so that only authorised domains could display those images.

It wouldn't stop people downloading the images and uploading them somewhere else, but it would be an annoying little speedbump.


* A tickbox in hosting that says "only serve assets to this domain (or add other authorised domains)
* An attribute that could be added to an image that prevents it from being hotlinked
* Images are mapped to my domain (not so that I can prevent hotlinking through Cloudflare
* Or last resort... the option to regenerate a hash or something on an image, so that everyone hotlinking will suddenly get a broken image. (Bonus points for having a replacement image option to be served instead.💩


  • Al Rulz
  • Jun 13 2019
  • Reviewed