Disable interactions on desktop after a certain breakpoint

I know webflow allows for interactions to be active/inactive based on device-type. But it would be helpful to specify which interactions are active (or inactive) based on actual breakpoint values and ranges.

Hear me out.

From the webflow designer interface, I can see how my interaction is animating on desktop views. However, desktop sizes can extend indefinitely beyond sizes like 1200px. Say I don't want the interaction to be applied after a breakpoint value of 2500px. There is no way to do that. 

Webflow assumes that if we want the interaction to show up on desktop by selecting "Desktop", then that interaction would show on ALL Desktop sizes regardless of how wide the size can get. 

I'd like to put a stop on the interaction after a certain breakpoint- it would be good to allow for that. 

Thank you! 

  • Johnny Garces
  • Jun 13 2019
  • Reviewed
  • Daniel Cobb commented
    10 Jan, 2023 11:23am

    This would be super helpful