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I have a portfolio site for my graphic design business. I want to allow my clients to login to their own customized page to view mockups of their branding, business card, and other design options. Instead of giving each client a direct link to their own page, it would make more sense to add a link on my website for "client login", which would direct them to the password utility page that I have created.

Right now we only have the option to have a single password page for an entire site. I think it make sense to allow us to link directly to that password page and based on the password entered, direct the user to the correct page. So, something like "", then the user enters the password provided and it directs them to their personalized page based on the password entered. If a password is entered that doesn't exist, it just gives them the wrong password error message.

If there is a way to do this already, then I apologize, but this seems like it would be an easy feature to add without having to change any of the structure or designer inputs.

  • Specular Design
  • Jun 21 2019
  • Michel Schade commented
    10 May 07:49

    Try out They are not 100% secure, because they use js to hiee content. But if the content is not too confidential it should work fine. They also have zaps to create cms sites in webflow. So you could auto create pages for clients.

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