Add "don't index" switch to pages

Right now to prevent a page from being indexed in a Webflow site it requires this custom code in the before </head> tag of the custom code area:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

It would be nice to have a toggle switch within page settings for each page that would stop a page from being indexed as well as from being added to the auto generated sitemap.xml file for Webflow hosted sites.  

  • Waldo Broodryk
  • Jan 23 2017
  • Reviewed
  • Robin Waite commented
    18 Oct 10:09am

    Such a basic CMS feature, I upload articles to my site daily, so it's no practical to create and upload a new sitemap every time I make an update! Just a simple toggle to remove the hidden page from the sitemap. How hard can it be!!

  • Michael Wells commented
    31 Aug 04:05am

    Totally agree, but there are multiple places to impact;

    1. META tag in the page HEAD;
      <meta name="robots" content="noindex">

    2. HTTP response header
      X-Robots-Tag: noindex

    3. sitemap.xml exclusion for the page

    4. Possibly, add noindex attributes to Links to the page

    Interestingly, the page probably should NOT be excluded from robots.txt . When a page is excluded, Google won't scan it again, which means it will never be removed from the search index either.

  • Kevin Pham commented
    30 Aug 12:55am

    The current 'Exclude this page from site search results' checkbox option should be reworded: 'Exclude this page from internal search results (Remove content from Googles index)' or similar.

  • Tim Ritzema commented
    24 Aug 05:33pm

    Need this feature for WebFlow's ideal use case - which is marketing sites.

  • Øyvind Østmo commented
    24 Aug 06:52am

    Common people, please, it's such a small effort for a huge impact.

  • Dennis Cutraro commented
    17 Aug 06:15am

    Seems like a relatively easy implementation. Do you plan on working on this issue soon?

  • JP Garza commented
    6 Jul 09:57pm

    Any news???

  • Mason Blake commented
    1 Jul 07:10pm

    I am happily switching from Wordpress to Webflow and I am very pleased. However, when it comes to things like this, I am shocked to not have an option for this. So many options, but nothing to hide a file from search engines and XML sitemaps?

    Not having this feature means this having to deal with this set of workarounds:

    1. You must enter in manual meta description tag on each page

    2. You must then override the auto-generated Sitemap XML if you wish to exclude it

    3. Once you override the Sitemap XML and make a custom one, you now lose the benefit of having CMS content (blog articles) published automatically

    4. Which means every time you publish a new article you need to go in and modify the sitemap manually

    Webflow team - please help out. This is not too difficult of an ask.

  • Josiah Bondy commented
    8 Apr 03:46pm

    Still would really love this :) Super frustrating to have to manually update the sitemap every time we post a blog or create a new page.

  • Erik Runbeck commented
    11 Mar 06:11pm

    The description on this wishlist item does not fully describe what the real issue is around how these types of pages show up in sitemap.xml files. This article ( was used as a reference to create this request here. Just adding this in for reference.

  • Judii Tran commented
    17 Nov, 2021 07:19am

    Please add this. It would be greatly appreciated.

  • SH commented
    30 Sep, 2021 09:47am

    Extremely important from a SEO Perspective. Please do it fast.

  • Chase Bolt commented
    5 Aug, 2021 10:32pm

    webflow implements some amazing stuff. but it blows my mind that this feature from 2017 hasnt been implemented.

  • James Trent commented
    3 Jul, 2021 06:52pm

    another request

  • Oliver Wood commented
    27 Apr, 2021 01:13pm

    This is needed asap

  • Garret Voorhees commented
    21 Jan, 2021 07:31pm

    This would be extremely valuable for us!

  • Node. Energy commented
    1 Dec, 2020 03:55pm

    yes indeed, would be very helpful!

  • Hossein Fakhr commented
    19 Oct, 2020 09:15am


  • Sara Steinle commented
    16 Sep, 2020 06:25pm

    Yes, please.

  • Amy Blacketter commented
    24 Jun, 2020 11:39pm

    This is so frustrating. We are discussing removing the auto generated sitemap so that we can dont' get a coverage error for page submitted but marked as noindex.

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