Sub Names for Projects with Same Name

For my portfolio I have 60+ projects, and being a graphic designer, my project names are who the clients are. I have a lot of repeat clients (I design merch for the music industry.) So right now when I reference projects in the CMS, I have multiple projects with the same "Name". It'd be great if I could assign sub names to projects like "Name: Awolnation" "Sub Name: Summer Tour 2019". This way when I'm going to reference a specific project, I can differentiate which project is the correct one.

And I don't want to just name the project after the specific design title, because I want the client name to be the primary header of the project.

Screenshots for reference: trying to link to projects for pagination (wish this was native!) and what a project page looks like (Header & Project Title Sub Head)

  • Brent Galloway
  • Jun 27 2019
  • Brent Galloway commented
    27 Jun 15:07

    Okay, I'm just dumb and figured there's a simple workaround...

    Name the project with the description – for easy referencing.

    Then simply have a new name field to reference to in the Project Template.

    I'm new to Webflow, so still getting used to figuring out these type of simple solutions haha.