Superscript and subscript support in rich text editor / CMS

Superscript is just a very common thing editors would expect to have access to when using the right text editor. Please add this basic functionality.

  • Markus J.
  • Jan 23 2017
  • Lucy McA commented
    15 Oct 07:40pm

    Please can we have an ETA on this feature. MUCH needed for my client who has long lists on dates and events, that we need to display in a visually clear way whilst still being accessible.

  • Jason Roach commented
    2 Sep 11:19am

    Any ETA on this?

    The work I do requires this on almost every site I do and not just for ® that can be superscript with some fonts but needed on any given character (e.g. 1, 2, ▼, †, ‡). It's not enough that I can set up a class to fake this because this is not possible via CMS/E-com text, be it standard 'plain text' field or 'rich text' field.

    We need this support either as a simple option on right-click after highlighting text within CMS plain text or rt field or allowing class definition within CMS plain text / rt fields. Ultimately, allowing to highlight any text, setting as a span and defining a class (via plain text field or rich text field) would be ideal because some circumstances I need a single plain text field within an e-com product page that contains standard text that contains superscripts and also within smaller text as a footnote that then contains the even smaller font superscript.

  • Sb commented
    8 May 03:39pm

    Very needed

  • Lino Lourenco commented
    1 May 07:25pm

    espeically for sights with references in text this is a must, a legal requirement

  • Muhammad Hamidullah Musa commented
    26 Apr 03:17am

    I found a workaround for superscript numbers by using the Edit > Emoji & Symbols function on Mac. Just type "superscript" in the search bar and you'll be displayed with the available symbols. Seems to be adaptable with other fonts.

  • Jacob darfelt commented
    11 Mar 09:37am

    hear hear!

  • David germain commented
    31 Jan 05:29am

    My company name requires superscript. Knowledge2 does not read “Knowledge squared”.



  • James Ojo commented
    4 Jan 11:25pm

    I'm surprised this hasn't been done already?

    Is it technically difficult? Perhaps someone from this community would be willing to help with this

  • Daniel Cobb commented
    17 Jul, 2019 11:29am

    Needed - a lot of my sites are to with property planning etc so they often refer to a square-footage measurement. I get asked that 'X' text should be superscript - I have to tell them the software wont let me!! Frustrating.

  • Tom Bourne commented
    23 May, 2019 12:54pm

    Very much needed please. I produce websites with technical classes that need subscript and superscript. 

  • Kim Van Wieren commented
    21 May, 2019 04:37pm

    Yes - I feel like this should be a basic function of a rich text editor.

  • Neil Fellows commented
    4 Mar, 2019 11:09am

    This would be a great addition, not just in Rich Text Fields but in any CMS text field since I often require a 'TM' or ® symbol in simple text boxes where brand names appear.

  • Chase Razabdouski commented
    26 Dec, 2018 03:47pm

    I forgot the link I promised.  Maybe Webflow could merge these requests?

  • Chase Razabdouski commented
    26 Dec, 2018 03:47pm

    I can't stress this oversight enough.  These tiny, but necessary things, similar to the post for other HTML tags in another wishlist item (link below) are the reason I can't use Webflow hosting.  I can't simply push "publish" because I have a laundry list of tiny things like this to process before code can go live, and that means I need to host elsewhere since there's apparently no way to manually change code (I get it, that's part of Webflow's value proposition, that doesn't mean it provides a former hand-coder with any value)... so, yeah.  This was honestly something I never even thought to check before signing up a month ago because I thought it was in a "safe" category of, "Of course nobody would overlook this!"

  • Ellen commented
    5 Nov, 2018 09:43am

    I'm not able to vote for this, but I want to strongly add my voice to beg for this. I noticed that 4 years ago we were told this would be coming soon, but we still don't have it. I do sites with a lot of scientific content. This is crucial -- one of my sites, for example, has literally hundreds of instances of superscripted and subscripted text. It makes me seriously reconsider if I want to rebuild this site in Webflow, as I was planning to do.

  • Pierre-Philip Duquette commented
    31 Jul, 2018 02:36pm

    This is really essential for us as pretty much every project included superscript. Including the vertical-align css parameter would also be helpful for adjusting superscript positioning.

  • Andrew Nelsen commented
    9 Jul, 2018 03:53pm

    I would also love to see this! In the meantime, you can certainly use a Text Field and this type of tool:


    Or simply copy/paste super/subscript text.

  • Frankie Gonzalez commented
    4 Jul, 2018 06:21pm

    This is definitely needed! Please! Without this, the CMS rich text editor has much less value. 

  • Luke Weatherill commented
    20 Feb, 2018 04:18pm

    Would really like to see this. Seems like it should be a very quick thing to implement. Very frustrating to have to go into the code and update manually each time I export.

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