Allow Basic/CMS plans to upgrade to AWS Cloudfront CDN

Hello! AWS' Cloudfront CDN has 44 PoPs in Asia alone, while Fastly's CDN only has 11 (and three of those are in Singapore).

Some of us have Asia-only audiences and paying 2.3x a month just to get servers closer to 99.99% of our users is quite hard to swallow (especially when our websites are not businesses/e-commerce). For example, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit and we don't need any of the "Business" plan features--except for a CDN that exists in the same country as our users (Malaysia). Fastly never joined the MyIX (Malaysian Internet Exchange), while Cloudflare and AWS Cloudfront both did join and thus provide far faster & more reliable caching.

We would gladly pay $26/month (CMS pricing + $10/month) for all the CMS plan restrictions + AWS Cloudfront hosting. This pill is harder to swallow since the only alternatives are impossible: Cloudflare's CDN does not work with Webflow & code export (via a Lite Account Plan) is $16 additional to the $16 on the CMS plan.

Please, Webflow, do consider this. Our audience is stuck on Fastly's few, non-ideal CDNs. We'd give up all caching in Europe/Africa/South America just to get our major content cached in Asian CDNs near our users.


For those who do not know, your Webflow CDN hosts all your images, videos, JavaScript, and CSS. On Basic/CMS plans, Webflow chose the Fastly CDN (with 11 servers in Asia). On the Business plan and only the Business plan, Webflow chose the Amazon Cloudfront CDN (with 44 servers in Asia).

  • Tiada Guru
  • Jul 2 2019
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