CMS data view in Dashboard

After using Wordpress for over a decade and moving to Webflow, one of the most significant changes has been the way the CMS is managed. 

I enjoy the way it works currently, but I firmly believe it could be much, much better if the options to access, manage, and edit CMS content was increased. In other words, I think giving access to the CMS on a separate page, without going into the Designer would speed up work immensely. For instance, in the image pictured, if I could jump into the CMS from the dashboard, I think my work would become faster and easier. Same can be said for the Gallery. There is ample room on each project in the dashboard for these buttons. The improvements would be magical. Please consider moving them into plans.

To summarize, giving users access to the CMS without going into the Designer or Editor is a must because Webflow has moved into E-commerce. While I don't use that feature, I use the CMS intensively. I think there may be missed value for Webflow's customers, to enrich the system for the CMS, and the dashboard is the place to make this happen.

  • Avi Lambert
  • Jul 9 2019
  • Reviewed