More page editing ability for site editors

Why is it useful?

This is useful for Digital Teams who manage a cluster (clones) of the same basic site and who do not want to have to do every tiny change themselves, but allow the editors a certain amount of freedom to add defined widgets or sections.

Generally the central team provides a master site but the country editor(s) have some ability to make small changes or even do basic page changes. 

Think Apple or Microsoft country sites. They are based on one corporate master site but cloned and localized - a bit here and there is changed, a page or two is different, some sections are removed for products that do not apply in some countries, but otherwise each country site is mostly the same, just in a different language.

Who would benefit?

This is good for digital teams running sites and editors who use sites created by those managers. Especially good for managing multiple websites. It gives a country site editor the limited ability to not only edit content (already possible in web-flow) but to add / delete components that are used to create pages without the complexity. 

How would it work?

Something like allowing editors to:

  1. Add or delete elements on pages
    1. e.g. adding a new paragraph or header
    2. deleting or adding a section (e,g, where a testimonial does not apply or is legally not allowed etc or to delete a carousel or 3 product images for 2 or even add one)
  2. Add any component (e.g. a symbol or a component in a style page) that the designers set as visible and usable across sites. Eg. a nav bar, testimonial, a product hero teaser, or even an entire page
  3. Each component  (e.g. from style page) or symbol can be set to be a widget usable by editors:
    1. usable by editors
    2. and the basics can then be changed
      1. e.g. add/delete a new slide to a slider component, or swap the image out
      2. but the complexity is hidden
  • Florey Ri
  • Jul 12 2019
  • Stephenie Venter commented
    22 Sep 14:00

    I think this is a great idea for members on the Pro Account plan which will essential allow you to offer a mini white labeled web builder with just enough ability for the end user to edit   freely without breaking the design or functionality of the site. 

    As a first step even just adding "drag to reorder" sections/ containers would be a great addition to the editor.