Rich Text Editor in Forms

As it stands, when a user submits a form on a WF site, even if given a text area to type into, there is no formatting. This severely limits the form's usage.

Use case: I use WF Forms + Zapier to update live collection items remotely. Oftentimes, these are comments that use links and other styling like bold, line breaks, and headings. This isn't possible in a form field so all the information uploaded gets crunched into one paragraph, with no regard to natural spacing.

Please consider adding the capability of rich text within the form fields/areas.

  • Brandyss Adams
  • Jul 19 2019
  • Noah Raskin commented
    27 Oct, 2019 04:15am

    This NEEEEEDS to happen! Please Webflow, make this happen! I have been racking my head for days to figure out some way I can get submissions for CMS content with the rich text field. 

    Like Brandyss, I use WF Forms + Zapier to update live items and in this area there is no viable solution. I don't know what to do. My new project completely relies on content from various users to create the content themselves and I cannot accomplish this without a ton of manual workarounds and having to get the visitor to send me links from Google Docs and other places. 

    I wish there was like a WYSIWYG editor field option that we can add to forms! This would make things so much nicer and open up all kinds of possibilities! 

    🙏🏼Please and thank you!

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