upselling and cross-selling for e-commerce

It would be great to have the upselling and cross-selling for e-commerce.

Maybe customers can see other related products in their shopping cart. 

  • Jul 29 2019
  • Harsh Vardhan commented
    07 Sep 05:56

    If you are still looking for a such solution I have just launched SalesJump. Its supports -

    ⬆️ Upsell
    🔀 Cross-Sell
    🎁 Right on your product page create offers your customers can’t refuse.



  • Christopher Elamri commented
    04 Jun 21:18

    But how would the upsell be triggered post-checkout?

  • Cristian Zweigler commented
    December 14, 2019 12:57

    Why don't you add a multi-reference field to your products collection? Here you can specify other products for cross and upselling.

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